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  1. Rick B.

    Mobile version

    I’d probably buy more stamps if I had easy mobile access to my collection.
  2. Rick B.

    Michel Stamp #'s

    And the good news is the new version of StampManage 2019 has the Michel number field in plane view. As expected you have to determine and add the number yourself due to licensing. I have figured out that the granularity of numbers Michel created on USA stamps falls way short of the varieties recognized by virtually all US albums using Scott numbers. So my brand new German Lindner USA albums, while probably the best constructed albums made, are probably going to get sold empty.
  3. Rick B.

    Michel Stamp #'s

    This will be in the 2019 version.
  4. Rick B.

    Michel Numbers

    That's great news. Thanks!
  5. Rick B.

    Michel Stamp #'s

    Did you ever find an answer to this? I have the same issue.
  6. Rick B.

    Michel Numbers

    I have StampManage v2018. I have a need to manually add Michel numbers because I have inherited several German made Lindner albums for USA stamps. I see that the Michel Number field is available in the columns setup. So I added it to all the available screens. But I don't see them on those screens. How do I access the field? I'd prefer to use the field rather than the "Other No." field. Thanks