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  1. I have a lot of items from this program I would like to import in to HM 2019 Is there a video showing how to do this? I have all of the items in a CSV file, and want to make sure I do it right.... I also have the original file... Is there anyway to import that which would keep the pictures...? Thanks Mark
  2. How about an Ios version that syncs with the desktop? This would be very useful for say taking pictures and syncing back to the correct item or creating a new one. I know it can be done in other ways but it is not smooth, also it would be great to have the items open and sync say as you take a pic of the serial number on your tv. So when you go to load image have the phones camera be the source... I also agree with the not loading Null
  3. Could not agree more! Also the Ios tie in could take pics and sync with the desktop version to make that part of things smoother
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