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  1. Hello, Auto translation, Sorry. When I click on the shortcut of the new HomeManage (x86) 2020, I receive the following message: <<< Microsoft Jet Database Engine Cannot Open 'C: \ Program Files (x86) \ HomeManage 2020 \ Assets.mdb '. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you must have permission to view their data. (3051) >>> Thank you for your answers. Regards Michel
  2. Automatic translation: Sorry Hello You said: <<Hi, this error happens when the data file is in a READ ONLY folder. Can you move the ASSETS.MDB file to another folder under MY DOCUMENTS. >> After installation, the ASSETS.MDB file is in 2 locations: C:\ Program Files (x86)\ HomeManage \ ASSETS.MDB E: My Documents \ HomeManage \ Data \ ASSETS.MDB I do not need to copy it in E: \ since it is already there. But, i deleted 😄\ Program Files (x86) \HomeManage \ ASSETS.MDB You said: << then change the data file rental to that folder >> How to tell the HomeManage software the new location of ASSETS.MDB since I can not open it. Thank you
  3. Automatic translation: Sorry Hello, Thank you for your advice, I will try
  4. Automatic translation: Sorry Hello, I bought and installed the "HomeManage" Update (HomeMng2018Setup.exe) If I run the program, the following message appears: "The engine of the Microsoft Jet database can not open the 'C: Wrogram Fies (x86) \ HomeManage \ Assets.mdb' file.It is already open exclusively by another user, or you must have the authorization to view his data (30 " There is only one user and administrator on my computer. I then proceeded to the following manipulations I uninstalled "HomeManage" I searched for and destroyed all HomeManage folders and files. I cleaned the register. I reinstalled "Home Manage" Same result, same message. Can you help me please. Thank you
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