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  1. When an asset only has one picture, the summary Image Pane in HomeManage 2019 and 2020 displays a downscaled image of the full-sized image. This results in the best available image quality. When an asset has two or more pictures however, the summary Image Pane displays an ENLARGED image of the 150x112 pixel THUMBNAIL, not a downscale of the full-sized image. This results in a blurry, detail-poor displayed image, since the little thumbnail image is then painfully enlarged back to the user computer's screen resolution. This seems to be the behavior for HomeManage versions 2019 and 2020, which I have installed/tested. Best workaround for displaying in the image pane in version 2019 is to delete the thumbnails for this asset (or all of the assets). The Image Pane then downscales the full-sized image for display in it without any issues. This is what I've been doing. HOWEVER, in version 2020, deleting the thumbnail files results with the small thumbnails in the "Image" column no longer being displayed. so this is no longer as good a workaround until a more permanent resolution is provided by our esteemed HomeManage developer team. My questions and request: 1. Is there a way to address this issue within the capabilities of the program (e.g. am I missing something in my use of HomeManage so that my workaround is not necessary after all? 2. If the enlargement of the thumbnails was a developer decision due to customers not having graphics hardware to easily downscale large images, could the program incorporate a choice on how the display of images could be handled? Please keep in mind that your program's Item Pictures tab already nicely downscales the full-sized images for all users already, so leveraging that code for the Image Pane would be the best choice for a highly viewable overview.
  2. This may be a different manifestation of the same issue: In version 2020, when entering text in the "Properties" "Additional" tab's "Comments" dialog area, after clicking "OK", the comment is then displayed in the "Overview" pane under the heading of "Notes". This is consistent with the behavior of prior versions. However, after navigating to a different room, location or quitting and re-opening HomeManage 2020, the Note is gone from the Overview pane, and also from the Comments dialog area. Essentially, there now is no permanent way to enter and keep comments on an asset. Comments entered in prior versions (I have used versions 2011 thru 2019) still display in version 2020. You just can't create new ones.
  3. With Version 2020, you can adjust the font size by going into "Tools", then "Preferences", and you should find a "Font Size for List of Items" drop box at the bottom just above the OK button. My default is set to 16, and the dialog allows up to a 32 font size. Hope that helps.
  4. The "Year" field in any item's "Properties / Additonal" is displayed as a blank, regardless of its value in the database. If a year is added for an asset, it will show when displayed on the "Locations" area with the other items, but it does not show in the item's "Properties" dialog once it's been closed and subsequently reopened. Current workaround is to type the updated year value into the blank "Year" field, (or deleting it by typing another value into the blank area first, then backspace to the beginning, then click OK), but it still will not display in the Properties dialog once it is closed and subsequently reopened. This dialog field worked as expected in version 2019, but not in 2020. Could you please look at this 2020 issue? [will be glad to upload needed screen prints once forum software allows me to upload more than 0.18 MB to document]
  5. Same issue observed in HomeManage 2019 and 2020: Had the same issue installing Home Manage 2019 on Windows 10 1803 last year. Had hoped that this was fixed with version 2020, but am currently trialing Home Manage 2020 on Windows 10 1903, and it is again deleting shortcuts in the current user's \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder upon install (presumably deleting all other shortcuts while removing its old icon during the upgrade process). My computer has several defined accounts, but HomeManage only installed in one of the profiles, not all of them, so this is the only one observed & affected. Is there an update on this issue, since it's been reported since HomeManage version 2018? (originally reported by Flying Bear) Versions prior to 2018 installed as expected...have been using HomeManage since version 2015. It's painful to have to write your own batch file to run before and after the install in order to put everything back whenever upgrading this nice software.
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