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  1. EJ, what you must do is remove/delete 1 stamp from the album with 10 stamps in it and then add 1 stamp to the album to which you want it. To do this just you must select the appropriate album and then use the delete or add stamp command. Regards, erthur
  2. I would like to download the 2020 update. Can I do it now or should I wait? Thanks
  3. It would be much more convenient to add stamps to the Exchange/Sell collection in much the same manner as adding stamps to the Want List collection from the Stamp Manage Catalog. I find it very easy to add stamps to my Want List from SMC by just right clicking and the selecting "Add to Want List". Could not the same feature be programmed to add stamps to the Exchange/Sell collection rather than having to close SMC, going into "Collections", selecting "Exchange/Sell", going back to SMC, finding the country and then the item, and the right clicking and selecting "add to current collection
  4. After 5 years has this issue regarding want list items not being removed when stamps are added to a collection been followed up on or is it just me? I've just realized again that this is not happening. I've been adding stamps to my Faroe Islands collection and have had to remove items manually from my want list after having added them to my collection. Must I now have go back and "re-inventory" my collections to determine what I have and don't have in order to have accurate want lists?? Regards, erthur
  5. It can be entered manually by yourself. Go to "Tools" Select "Stamp Data Manager" Open the country "XXXXX" Select the category "Airmail" On the left hand pane select the "stamps- text" tab Then proceed to enter the catalog number and details.
  6. Is it possible to export collections to excel without the formatting? Thanks, erthur
  7. Jan, I checked and just as you mentioned Scott #345 as well as #344 are missing from the stamp Manage Catalog. This is what I did and it worked in populating the Stamp Manage Catalog with these two stamps. Go to Tools > Stamp Data Manager > Open Belgium > Semi Postal > Stamps -Text If you scroll down you will notice that #344 and #345 are in fact in the database, just click and highlight 344 and then 345 and then close the window using "Close" at the bottom left. When the window is finished updating choose another country and then go back to Belgium. You should find tha
  8. It bothers me that the font size is so very small in the Collection window. Is there a way in which this can be modified or would it require a software fix? Thanks,
  9. I've noticed that after adding stamps to a collection I have to manually remove the same stamps from my want list. Could not a routine be developed so that when a stamp is added to a collection it is automatically removed from a want list? Perhaps a popup could also appear asking for confirmation of the deletion. Regards, erthur
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