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  1. I must also mention that the content of the C:\Users\user_name\Documents\CoinManage\Images\country_name directory is not backed-up / restored
  2. What's the story with the Import function - you said that "should be done sometime in 2013" http://www.libertystreet.com/CoinManage_Support.htm
  3. During the process of replacing a PC I followed the following steps to backup / restore my Coinmanage data: 1. On the old system perform Coinmanege backup (File -->backup database) 2. On the new PC perform fresh Coinmanage install 3. Perform Restore (File --> Restore backup) What I found is that I lost "coinmanage database" data. That includes all historical price-guides that I had (2009 -2013) as well as ALL custom data I had entered in "Coinmanage Database editor" It appears that the backup / restore process only copies the collections data and not the "database" data. So I had to resort to copying COINDESC.MDB file. In case of emergency I would not have that luxury and would have lost much of valuable data.
  4. I think it would be extremely beneficial if you could at some point add the following to the app: - add coin diameter - add a field for references to Krause KM# and / or other catalogs - add a search link to free NGC world coin price guide (similar to ebay search) http://www.ngccoin.com/poplookup/World-Coin-Price-Guide.aspx
  5. Please let me know when you are planning to release a "catalog import" feature? Not an actual coin collection, but rather a catalog of coins I have in Excel (or CSV) format. That includes varieties, mintages, pictures etc etc
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