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Found 7 results

  1. Contacted Paul D. about lost database and remote control of my laptop. Was told to download Team Viewer and get numerical info available. Have done that and now ready for Paul to do a remote 'Fix". Need him to contact me. Thanks. Doowoppop
  2. I imported 1000 records. All looks well except the date purchased field is blank. I am assuming a format problem. I would lie to clear the data and re-import. Can that be done? I have uninstalled and re-installed but since I am in the 30 day trial I am not sure how that impacts things and would prefer to remain on the current installation. Thank you.
  3. Hello, folks. I collect US Commemoratives and I have recently started using StampManage USA 2017. I have run into a few occurrences of my stamp variety is NOT found in the included database of USA stamps. As an example, I have a variety of Scott #753. It is a horizontal pair with a vertical guide line between the stamps. I've attached a pic of my stamp. Scott does not assign an "a", "b", or "c" suffix to the varieties of 753 but they list them separately. The stamp that I have has a significantly higher value over the other varieties. How do I enter this stamp into StampManage so that it is correctly listed and has the proper Scott value assigned? The included data for 753 appears to be for a single stamp. Thanks for your help. Walter
  4. Hi Ever since using CoinManage I am experiencing problems with the backup function. Whenever I want to backup my collection, the programm does the following: The dialog to enter the backup location opens After directing to my backup folder the backup runs There is no backup file created in the designated folder, instead the current COINDESC.MDB is overwritten with a MDB-file, e.g. "COINDATA-02_24_2017_08_33_5102_24_2017_08_33_51.MDB". In consequence, the software returns an error "File:'...\COINDESC.MDB' not found" and can not be closed. I had reported this problem by e-mail to Liberty Street support when I started using CoinManage over a year ago, but never received a solution (actually, I didn't even receive a reply). I did find out, that renaming the file back to COINDESC.MDB resolves the error problem, but I have to backup my collection data by storing copies of the original COINDESC.MDB file manually. Because I received no answer, I refrained from troubling support again. However, my problem has now raised additional issues. I tried the backup function with the new version of the software, but it failed again. After I renamed the backup fil to COINDESC.MDB a complete denomination category was missing, and if this can not be remedied, I will lose at least two full weeks of work (my last manual backup). I checked the entries (ID) in the CM2001MAINCOLLECTION table, and the coins are still there in the table. I also checked the images folder, and the image files also are still there. I recreated the denomination, but the items did not reappear. Is there any way to reactivate the entries in the MDB file, by reassigning them to a still visible or a new denomination? Any help (except "impossible") would be most welcome. Regards erb-57
  5. I am trying to create a custom report that prints all (or most) of the information of an asset inventory item on a single page. I have attached a mock-up of what I want the report to look like. Ideally, I’d like to simply customize the “Item Detail (1 Item per Page)” canned report supplied with HomeManage because it provides a good starting point for the report layout, etc. But I couldn’t find the associated report “.LST” report definition file in the Reports folder, so I guess I have to start from scratch. I have several design characteristics: I’d like each inventory item to start on a new page. I have the item information organized into separate sections (Item, Location, Category, Acquisition, Warranty, Comments, Asset, etc.) I want to use conditional formatting to suppress sections that have no data. For example: If there is an item record that has no “warranty type” and “warranty expire” fields, then the whole “Warranty Information” section including the section heading should be suppressed. Or if there are no comments/notes on the record, then suppress the entire “Comments Information” section including the section heading. … You get the idea…. I’ve been working with the Combit List & Label 21 Designer Manual and the HomeManage documentation, and my biggest challenge is what type of report container or field element to add to allow me: Access to the full list of fields and data in the HomeManage Assets database To place field labels and data in non-table form on the page so I can format one asset item per page with a page break on each new item. I’ve tried inserting a “Report Container” but none of the element types allow me to place fields and data in “free form” on the page. I believe I’m missing something simple to get me started here. Can anyone offer suggestions? Or can you share a custom report format that does “full page” display (non-table) of asset item information? Or point me to the ".LST" report definition file for the “Item Detail (1 Item per Page)” report? FYI… Once I get this report built, I will share it on this forum for other people to use or modify. Thanks, Sailor Guy HomeManage-Report-Example-Full-Details.pdf
  6. I have been using Stamp Manage for over 10 years how. Recently, I found my file folder containing a lot of data on my early stamp purchases. I notice that my purchase prices and often the seller data in my database are not correct. I can't seem to find a way to correct this. Does anyone have insight here?
  7. === QUESTION I am trialing this StampManage software at the moment and am very interested in buying it. Is there a size limitation on the database that I can build? I ask this because I have previously built an Access 2007 database which is now getting very close to the 2gig limit and I have to either split it and extend that way or reduce some of my content. Are there limitations with StampManage. === ANSWER Hi, the STAMPDATA.MDB file we use is about 147MB for the Deluxe edition. I doubt it will ever get close to the 2GB size as we don't store images or attachments in the data file.
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