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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Admin I am experiencing some ot the troubles I had before when opening CoinManage. I just updated to the new May version of 2017, hoping that would solve the problem ... but it doesn't. 1. When I start CoinManage the registration dialog opens (although my copy is registered and licensed) 2. When I click on "Activate Purchased License Code", TurboActivate returns an Activation Error. 3. After clicking on "Finish", the programme opens and everything seems OK (until the next time I start CoinManage) Is there anything I can do to solve this problem. It isn't critical, just annoying. Kind regards Edgar
  2. I paid for this program and then asked for a refund which I got. After looking for something better I decided that for me there wasn't anything that good. So I decided to buy it again. I uninstalled the first purchase but saved what data files I created. On installing it the second time all is well except the Reg Code under Help, About Home Manage reads the first Reg Code numbers. Things seem to be running good but not sure how that will work when I want updates or other things from Liberty Street. Hope there is a way to change the code to the paid version. Thanks
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