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Found 6 results

  1. I have a report setup to show what my disposed asset sold for and to whom, but the "Sold To" field shows up blank and there is no Customer Name option Disposed Asset.pdf
  2. There is a field in the database labelled "Type" that does not appear to be mapped into any field in the Report Generator. In the "Item Detail" report, "Type" is actually the contents of the "Description" field. I would like to include this field in a report but it does not seem possible. The data in the "Type" field does not appear in any of the pre-prepared reports included with StampManange USA. Does anyone have a workaround to this problem?
  3. I installed CoinManage a few days ago and entered a bunch of my coins. I really love the software and how flexible it is. The reporting thing is amazingly full of optoins and features. But the basic report I want is not offered by default. I'm simply trying to generate a report with inventory of all my coins, with pictures of front and back, sorted by denomination. So I made a custom report that does all of that. BUT denomination sorts as strings not as numbers, so for example "10" comes before "2" and "half cent" comes after a "1 cent" etc. See the attached image. Oddly when I use the default "coins sorted by country/denomination" it sorts them correctly. But in my own custom report, no such luck, even though I'm using the same search criteria. So I tried to use one of the other fields to force it to sort correctly. I used the field "Catalog #1" and put in numbers for the denominations, but it throws a bug when I try to generate the report saying something like "Too few parameters. Expected 1". So my good idea was stymied. Can somebody please explain to me why "Denomination" sorts as strings and not as numbers in a custom report? Also I have some other issues, for example: 1) I installed a demo version, then I registered but it never asks me to enter my registration number. It says it will offer a dialog box to do this when I start up the demo version, but no, it doesn't. And there's no menu option to enter the registration, which seems strange. 2) I realize PCGS values are like double what they should be. But I have one coin that seems off the charts, my 1833 capped bust dime in VF20 which I just bought for $79.95 is given a value of $900. What's up with that? 3) When I try to change which columns it shows in the pane that has all the summary info about each of my coins, for example to add the grading company, it crashes the whole program and I have to start over. When I run "check for updates" to see if this is a bug in my version that's been fixed, nothing happens, the "check for update" menu item seems to be broken. There are more issues but I'll start with these. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I created my own report called Myreport, when I use they report and click on option to add image, in my preview I get different images, some are stock images even though I imported my picture in the database and others that are correct showing my images? How come and what can I do to always show my imported pictures? I could use your help. Thanks John
  5. Is there a report that shows totals with a quantity set to 1? A report that does not count duplicates? Or how do you set up a custom report to do that. I just downloaded 2015 Thanks
  6. Message: CoinManage.exe The project file cannot be read Possible Reasons: -it is password - protected (it is not) -it has an invalid format or -it was created with a newer version of the software I do not know what to do? ML
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