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Found 1 result

  1. I am evaluating the software and trying to import from a prior system. I need clarification on the cost fields, specifically SUBTOTAL, TOTAL COST, and ESTIMATED VALUE. These fields do not show up when mapping data so I took my best guess, which appears to be incorrect. Here is the scenario: I have an item that I purchased 2 of at $25.00 each. I now value them at $10 each. On my current system the fields would be Quantity:2, Unit Cost: $25.00, Unit Value: $10, Total Cost: $50.00, Total Current Value: $20 I mapped Unit Cost and Unit Value to users fields as I did not see where this was supported. I mapped Total Cost to Base Cost (thinking this would equate to Subtotal) I mapped Total Current Value to Current Value But when I look at the item after import I see the following: Subtotal $30.00 (so this appears to be calculated and I don't understand the algorithm) Total Cost: $50.00 (I expected Total Cost to be Subtotal plus taxes (which are zero) but it appears to have what I mapped into Base Cost. Estimated Value: $30 (another apparent calculation which I need to understand) Could someone elaborate on these cost fields and how they are calculated? Thank you. Update: After further review other items in the import appear to have followed the logic I expected. The item in question was the first in the import file; perhaps something was corrupt with my file.
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