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Found 4 results

  1. I spent quite bit of time entering the various mintages, silver content & gold content of the modern commemorative that I collect. What do think happened when installed this latest update? That's right, I lost all the data I entered via the coin database editor. What good is a database editor when you lose all the data you enter every time there is an update. Can this problem be fixed?
  2. I have an issue with the update that downloads when I select the Check for Updates.. option on the Help menu. After clicking the option, I get the prompt from the O/S to allow the update process to run. I click yes. The HomeManage 2017 Update dialog box pops up and I click next and it tells me that there is a newer version of HomeManage 2017. I click next again. A download of HM2017Up.exe proceeds to completion, followed by the next dialog that states the March 4, 2017 update is a free update and the usual boilerplate about closing all apps before updating. I do so, then click Next and I agree to the terms of the license, then click Next again. It is on this box that the update informs me that it will install the update into C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeManage. The problem is that my installation of HomeManage is NOT on the C: drive and I don't want it there. It is on the E: drive. However there is no option apparent on the dialog box to tell the update process to install the update in a different location. How can I update my installation of HomeManage with the March update? TIA David
  3. I clicked on the "Check for Updates" under the Help menu. It then tells me that there is a newer version available, but then get an error message Unable to download file, access forbidden. I am currently running USA 2016 after the eBay fix. Is this the latest update? If not where can I get the newer one?
  4. Yesterday, I purchased an update for Stampmanage. I have been able to download the update via your website, but when I click on the downloaded file, it does not launch and install the update. It does nothing. I really want to get this upgrade to work. What should I do in order to get the download installed? I am using Windows 8.1 and Mozilla Firefox.
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