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Work Orders and Maintenance

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Hello I'm testing the asset manage program before I purchase it and I've got a few questions... I will be using it to manage an equipment management program at multiple locations. Currently, we are using Excel for our work orders, preventive maintenance & inventory tracking. I do like that I can attach our spreadsheet to the device record in your program but I was hoping to get away from it or maybe have it incorporated into your program.

1. Does this program have a work order that we can use/customize for our use?

2. Per device; Can I set a date for scheduled maintenance (preventive maintenance) and create an inventory list per location each month?


1/ The program does not support work orders. If you can forward an example of what your work order looks like and how you need to use it in the software we can definitely take a look at incorporating it into the program.

2/ The notebook section of each asset lets you set a due date for a notebook entry. You could use this to set scheduled maintenance dates. Yes you can print an inventory list per location each month.

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