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Scanning, Rolls, etc...


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How precise is that “wand” that scans the slabbed coins? I have a lot, and this sounds great.

*** The barcode on the PCGS slab is very thin, you basically need a scanner that can scan this type of barcode. It can be done with a wand type scanner or higher quality "regular" barcode scanner.

Will your inventory software accept competed sets, such as I have sets of uncirculated, non-slabbed, uncirculated sets of all 20th century denominations…I don’t want to grade each coin.

*** What we have added to most USA coin types is a generic "TYPE" variety for each major design of that type. That should make it easier to inventory a type coin where the exact date / MM is not really important.

How about rolls? I have many rolls of uncirculated coins? Can I enter them as rolls and get a price per roll?

*** We don't currently have values for rolls, you can enter the quantity of coins in the roll and grade, it will then multiply the individual coin value by the quantity.

How often does the price update take place? Weekly, monthly, quarterly? Are those for retail or wholesale prices or both?

*** We update the main values once a year like most major price guides. THe PCGS value updates around every 3 months or so. If you have bullion coins the value is updated every time you update the spot prices via the internet.

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