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Various Pricing Questions

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I just purchased Coin Manage. I watched one of the videos and read the help pdf file, but I still need some help with understanding the price and value information. Please see attached pictures for proof sets I was entering.

In Screenshot_1, looking at the 1981 proof set, the top table in picture #1 say the current value is $7.25, but the bottom table says the current value is $21.75.

Why are there two current values?

=== The $7.25 value is for EACH proof set, you have 3 sets so the Total Value is $21.75. Some users have been confused by this so we are changing the ADD COIN dialog to show total value as well as individual value.

What is the difference between current value and price at the very bottom?

Why does the current value not appear in the table until I select a grade, with the only choice being the grade of “Price”, and smaller value of $7.25, but then it fills in the current value with the larger value?

=== Proof Sets have a single defined value for "Price" several price guide books use the term "Price" as well. The larger value is simply the total value of the 3 sets as detailed above.

In Screenshot_2, the only grade choice was “Price”, and the Condition was “Price”, and when I changed the grade to “PROOF”, and selected price, it change the Condition back to “Price”.

What does a grade of “Price” mean? Why can’t I select a grade of PROOF?

Where did the $21.75 come from above, it does not appear in the grade selection table?

Why is the “Price” value less than the “Original Issue Price” for some of the proof sets?'

==== We use the "Price" column to set the value for proof sets in the program. It is possible to select PROOF and enter your own value.

The "Price" value is sometimes lower in value than the Original Issue Price because sometimes proof sets go down in value after release. There is no law requiring Proof Sets to be worth more than their original issue price after release (smile)



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