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UPDATE: Stamp Manage 2016 Unable to Restore Data


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Happily to say that that I've fixed my problem but there appears to be a flaw with the software.

Since the data which I knew should appear in the StampManage Catalog was not there I checked in the Stamp Data Manager and to my surprise there it all was. I simply closed the window with the "Close" button and then when I checked the SM Catalog it appeared there as well. Perhaps all that was required was this "refresh" of sorts.


Due to a failed attempt to install my Stamp Manage data to my laptop I am now experiencing the same problem with my desktop.

The issue being that when I attempt to "Restore" my last zipped backup file from the previous night there is data missing which I know should be there. I've actually attempted using 2 different backup files with the same results. Any idea as to what the issue may be and how it can be fixed?

Stamp Manage 2016

Microsoft Windows 10





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