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Parent/Child Items

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Hi, new user to HomeManage - I'd actually started building my own application to do it, but this pretty much covers everything!

The only thing I don't think I can do - but thought I'd ask in case I'm missing something - is create a parent/child relationship between items.

For example, I have a laptop that I purchased.

Within that laptop, I've purchased new HDD & RAM.

At the moment, I've created separate entries for each purchase, and then just added a comment in each - but is there a way to more formally link the items together?

A little bit like setting the laptop as a 'location', but where that 'location' is an asset itself - and so that when I rollup the value of the parent item (the laptop) it factors in the value of its additional child items

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Hi, we have a feature called Asset linking as you describe in our AssetManage software.  See www.assetmanagesoftware.com for more information.  Yes, it is a more expensive product, not sure if the added expense is worth it for you.

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One way I addressed this exact issue is I customized a user field with a name of "MasterGroup" and then for all related items for the laptop (hard drives, internal cards, software, etc.), I added a MasterGroup value of "MyLaptop" so I can filter and sort on related items.  You could name your user field "Parent."

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