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Update file wants to install only on C: drive

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I have an issue with the update that downloads when I select the Check for Updates.. option on the Help menu. After clicking the option, I get the prompt from the O/S to allow the update process to run. I click yes. The HomeManage 2017 Update dialog box pops up and I click next and it tells me that there is a newer version of HomeManage 2017. I click next again. A download of HM2017Up.exe proceeds to completion, followed by the next dialog that states the March 4, 2017 update is a free update and the usual boilerplate about closing all apps before updating. I do so, then click Next and I agree to the terms of the license, then click Next again. It is on this box that the update informs me that it will install the update into C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeManage. The problem is that my installation of HomeManage is NOT on the C: drive and I don't want it there. It is on the E: drive. However there is no option apparent on the dialog box to tell the update process to install the update in a different location. How can I update my installation of HomeManage with the March update?




Screenshot 2017-03-18 15.57.03.png

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Hi, the update should install to the same folder as stored in the Windows registry, we will take a look at this.  We have a new update coming later this week so we will correct the problem.

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I encountered the same problem as recently as today (10/15/2017) when I attempted to install the Oct 6, 2017 update.

I originally installed the software in 07/2016 when I first bought it in the "C:\Sw\HomeManage" installation folder.  A few of the updates since then did correctly update the "C:\Sw\HomeManage" folder.  But the last two updates (at least) were "hard coded" to "C:\Program Files(x86)\HomeManage" and now I have files split between two different folders (see the attached PDFs of the folder contents).  And my version still says "" on the "About HomeManage" screen.

What is the best way to correct this situation?


Sailor Guy

HomeManage_Installed_In_2_Folders #2.pdf

HomeManage_Installed_In_2_Folders #1.pdf

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