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Is there a recommend photo size for uploading an asset photo?

When I attach a photo I get a smaller image on a large black background.

I have guessed at resizing the image but do not see any change.

Here is what I see:

UPDATE:   The photo was a TIF.   I changed it to a JPG and it now fills the entire screen.

I tested with another TIF and found same result.   But in the process I discovered another issue.

Although I click on an image and select "Delete", the image disappears but reappears when I 

close the software and come back for a new session.   Why is it not staying deleted?

I will try deleting the file on my hard drive.



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Hi, can you email us the TIFF file that is causing that problem. 

Was the photo take with a phone camera?  We have to do some extra processing with images take using a phone camera. 

For example, we detect if an image was taken with an iPhone as it requires rotation due to the way the image is stored.

If so, can you tell me the phone or digital camera used to take the image?

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Photos were taken with Niikon D7000 as RAW files, exported from Lightroom as TIFF files.   One was Landscape, one was Portrait.

I converted from TIFF to JPG and all appears OK now.

I tried to upload the TIF's here but size was too larger


Screenshot of how JPG phone appears....which is OK



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