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Importing From Home Inventory Pro

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we are getting this type of question often lately:

==== QUESTION ====

Is it possible to import a Home Inventory Pro 2001 back-up file by Radium Technologies  into Home Manager?  I recently purchased a new PC and attempted to migrate my inventory in Home Inventory Pro 2011 into my new PC and found I was prevented form doing so as it appears Radium Technologies is no longer in business.  I have a large inventory that took years to document  and I am trying to avoid re-doing my inventory line item by line item.  I am evaluating the Free Trial version of Home Manager.

=== ANSWER ====

If you are able to export the Home Inventory Pro 2011 data to CSV format it can be imported into HomeManage using the FILE > IMPORT command from the main menu.  If anyone wishes to email us a CSV file from Home Inventory Pro we can do a video on how to import this data and maybe make some changes to the import if necessary to simplify the process.

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Guest Joe

I am one of those inquiring about importing a backup file from Home Inventory Pro 2011.  Radium Technologies folded and left customers high and dry.  Can you provide a video and the capability to import Home Inventory Po 2011 back-up files?  If so, this would definitely convince me to purchase you HomeManage product and avoid having to start over on my inventory of thousand of books, CDs, Blu Ray Discs that too me 5 years to complete.

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Guest Ken

I also have the Home Inventory Pro 2011 (HIP) with many years of input data. The software does run without issues but I am looking to replace it in the near future since support and upgrade have stopped. However, re-entering all the data is just too time consuming. If I am correct, I am not the only one that has the import and export issues with Home Inventory Pro 2011. If your company can create a special import module for HIP, I am sure you will win over many existing HIP owners and I will be one of them.

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