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Importing From Home Inventory Pro

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Guest Hiedeaway

Translating to excel can create a few errors, and takes some time to match the fields from the old database to the new one.

For the more advanced users

If you have microsoft access you can then remove the password from the .mdb (Instructions to remove the password from the file here - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/encrypt-a-database-by-using-a-database-password-12aa0e5c-34c6-4957-af3b-b5f5cfa9a766#bm4)

Then use the Home Manage import function and instead of rtf/csv select the (ms access *.mdb option) import the inventory item table Guest Greg suggests above, Home Manage will take a straight Database import but you need to map the fields, you need to do this with the excel import anyway so to help everyone out here is a field to field mapping plan that will hopefully help (the fields in blue are the Home Inventory Pro 2011 fields, the fields in Blue are the fields they mapped to In Home Manage. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=38451190672325666872

The link is likely to be useful for most people.






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Guest Barbra

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Guest Database Sue

Thank you to Guest Greg for his May 25th post.   His answer worked and I now have an excel copy of the inventory.  Next step - import it to another inventory database.  Yay Greg!

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Guest Gene

I'm in the same boat as all other users of HIP.  Having read all of the above posts, what I've been able to do is use a freeware tool - MDB Plus - to pull the HIP mdb file into that tool.  Easy to use, and it lets you see all the tables and then individually export them to txt files, which are easily imported into Excel (for data manipulation & some cleanup..  as HIP users know, there are various fields that you can populate via dropdowns, but if you mess something up [misspell, etc], there's no way to fix those)  But once in Excel, cleanup is easy and data can then be exported into a csv file.  

From above posts, it seems that it's fairly "easy" to map the resulting csv file of the t_inventoryitem table into HomeManage, and that gets most of the important core data fields for inventory items.  But..  how to then bring in images & attachments??  There are two tables that have those relationships..  t_attachment & t_image.  Those two tables have fields or names that can then link back to the respective inventory records.  The actual images and attachments are stored in the "images" and "attachments" folders in the Radium folder, since their original sources can be from any file source. 

So..  the data and linkages for this data is available.  But how do the images and attachments get loaded, etc into HomeManage and linked to their respective base inventory data items?  I have over 6K inventory items, 4K attachments and 10K images.  A huge undertaking that should be able to be somewhat automated.  There's quite a few other tables in the HIP mdb file, but I suspect not many users would be using most of them (like all the insurance data fields, etc).  I suspect the inventoryitem, attachment and image tables are the key ones that everyone will need to address.   I also suspect all other HIP users are in the same boat..  so what's the best way forward? 

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