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Jeff Lynch

Enhancement Request Multi-Select Summary / Stamp Manage Catalog Summaries

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The status bar space has potential to showcase more detail. the detail provided already is GREAT!

Used Space: image.png.cc6150f2e8982efd7f6d010d874e9520.png

Unused Space (dependent on resolution and windows size of course)


but is it possible to show something similar to excel? If i select one or more cells it will show summary detail below... sometimes it would be nice to see what a selection of stamps would go for if i select them from the Stamp Manage catalog would be great to at the bottom what the mnh-vf or the use-vf would be (perhaps control what is exposed in summary view from the application preferences menu?


Additionally, if not multi-select summary can the StampManage Catalog Country Series (or any grouping for that matter) show the Mint-VF/Used-VF summary instead of just the item count? 

Example below:


status bar 





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