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2020 Upgrade link is not correct

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I purchased the SM2020 upgrade via link "2020 Upgrade" on this page https://www.stampcollectingsoftware.com/stampmanage_purchasing_options.htm

However after completing the download purchase I was sent 2019 upgrade which I already have.  I back tracked the links and see that you don't have your link above pointing to a SM2020 page.  It's pointed to SM2019 upgrade page.  Would you send me the 2020 upgrade.

Second problem that will probably prevent the SM2020 upgrade is a few days ago I had to reinstall the SM2019 on my replacement PC.  The code keeps saying the code is in use.  The code retrieval page is just sending me the same code.  How do I correct this.
I've sent a similar message to your sales dept. email address.
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HI, correct info is:


AFTER installing the program from the link above..download and install the Additional Images setup from:


we corrected the problem & have sent the correct info in a 2nd email to upgraders.  My apologies about that.

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