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  2. We can do a video on how to first add this to the CoinManage database, then inventory it. We have listings for generic silver rounds, but I don't think we have a listing for one of 2880 grains.
  3. Paul, Could you please redo the video you made on adding bullion items, I figure in a few years you improved the process.🙂 I have bullion from the "American Historic Society" (what ever that is). Year: 2000 Individually Numbered: Weight: 2880 grains of .999 Proof silver Size 3 1/2 inches How would I enter this?
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    Report designer

    where can i find the report designer at on the app denny
  6. When you use the RESTORE command FILE > RESTORE BACKUP from the main menu you are replacing the current database in use with the one contained in the backup file chosen. So that would be a way to use multiple databases. FILE > BACKUP DATABASE... to save the current database, the RESTORE to retrieve it later on.
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    Multiple databases

    Is there any way to create multiple databases As of now I just create new locations and rooms and I would like to separated each on in a separate report denny
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    Various questions

    Just read your reply again and saw where I took a left turn. Entering thousands of coins by hand is daunting even with assistance. Crap, guess what I’ll be doing for the next couple of years... Thanks again. Dave
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    Various questions

    It’s rare to get such a complete answer on forums (I was a moderater on 3), especially to a multi-part question. I’m very appreciative. I doubt I will buy a hand-held reader even though approx. 65% of my coins are PCGS slabbed. I ended why NGC doesn’t get on board. I’ll try to find out. It’s not that difficult of a task if you don’t set a deadline and/or just start with say 2021 coins and play catch-up down the line. Probably incentive driven. When I think about how many I have to inventory I may change my mind about buying a hand held reader. Thanks again for your info and ef
  11. Hello, I am also new but will give you some help. You can create custom fields but many fields you create will not work as that is my problem. Some custom fields will work but many will not. Under Tools, go to preferences. A window will open so then click fields tab. Then when there go to user defined fields. Now do not follow how number show and select field 1 or Field 2 or other low number dont select higher fields as they do not work. So click a field 1-9 make sure its 1-9 and not how list appears. Once field 1-9 is selected type what you want new field to be and hit en
  12. Hi, try deleting the file HEADERS.WCD in most cases it is in your MY DOCUMENTS/STAMPMANAGE folder. Then run StampManage again. If the error continues, can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing.
  13. Hi, are you missing many images? of just a few? We don't have 100% images for both of those locations but it should be pretty close.
  14. Hi, the program has a feature that lets you scan PCGS slabbed coins. You scan the barcode and CoinManage will look up the variety, grade,etc.. this feature only works for PCGS coins as NGC and other slabbed coins do not contain that information in the barcode. You can find which version you have be selecting: HELP > ABOUT from the main menu. If you have CoinManage Deluxe, you can upgrade to the new 2021 version at: CoinManage Deluxe 2021 Upgrades (libertystreet.com) CoinManage USA at: CoinManage USA 2021 Coin Softwa
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    Various questions

    Hi, I bought the entire program few years ago and am unfortunately just now starting to use it due to health reasons. I realize that I may be missing updates but I need to find out which version I have before getting it up to date. How/where can I find my version as well as needed updates? my last question is if I purchase a hand held bar code and QR code reader will it place the item into the appropriate place in the program? This would be a huge relief if it does as I have thousands of coins to inventory. thanks very much for any assistance you may be able to provide.
  16. The values are located in the Stamp Manage Catalog and can be changed.
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    Missing images

    I have downloaded and installed 2021 and i don't have all images, mainly US and United Nations.
  18. Today when I opened up Stamp Manager it no longer displays all of the stamp info an image. I only see typically the first entry image in each subdirectory and no data. Down cursor goes to image of next stamp but no data. Fix?
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    unable to activate

    Purchased the 2021 version All I get is save box
  20. Ahen. So sorry to say -- but there is something here -- with the installation/update. It seems that either Paul does not understand and he does not explain to the program team, or maybe he is deaf to public - if he is reading this) Please explain, if you can, as many of your customers have this particular problem and cannot -- THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG
  21. Not sure nowadays what Deluxe, and Update mean with Liberty Street or Coin Manage Software WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  23. Hello, Well not sure if I should have continued this post but the program keeps crashing. So the user fields don't work from 13 on. Now the crash is when trying to add new location. When I click add location and then click on Pictures tab the program crashes with no error. Edit: Adding Video link to the problem. Please let me know. Thanks in advance Fred
  24. I believe I emailed you about this already. The problem with uninstalling older versions after you have 2021 running is that the uninstalls will delete some of the stock images. So you would need to install 2021 again. For other users in this situation. Please run your current copy of CoinManage and do a backup. Uninstall your older versions. Then install 2021.
  25. Hello, Thanks for letting me know. I will purchase within minutes. Not sure if you got my email replies which is why I opened ticket here. EDIT: I had said fields worked in my last edit. But some still do not show up even now when registered. Edit 2: I added info to fields names 13 and up and most do not show up to select as columns. Thanks for your help. Fred
  26. Hi, I have been a user of CoinManage for a number of years. I have Windows 10 and when I check the apps on my computer it shows CoinManage2018 and CoinManage2020. Can I delete those old copies since I just downloaded and have the 2021 issue running. Thanks Joe
  27. Hi, HomeManage has been quite popular..especially the past couple of years.. if we ever decided to stop selling HomeManage for whatever reason, we would just make the program Public Domain. The data file can easily be opened with MICROSOFT ACCESS. It is not encrypted or proprietary. We will take a look at the first 2 items. The Demo user fields should have the same functionality as the full version.
  28. Hey Guys and Gals, I sent support some pre-purchase questions and they answered them. Then I replied with a couple follow-up questions and never got a response after multiple attempts. So I will ask here and hope someone knows the answers. 1) In the section "HomeManage Preferences" The "column" section. Why is it that words have no spaces between them? Example of just a few "BaseCost, DateSold" and others. I ask that just because I am use to spaces between words. 2) The next question is still in section "HomeManage Preferences" The "Fie
  29. I purchased vs 2020 last Sept and was told I'd get the yearly updates. I tried to update 2020 but it says I have the latest version. I'll wait awhile before attempting to email them and ask. The program is pricy to begin with, let alone paying for updates.
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