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  2. ...and don't say "it submits user changes to Liberty ..." What kind of changes do you folks get? My scans of stamps? Value changes (that wouldn't make much sense)? Or, more sensibly, changes to Variety data, like changing a Scott # suffix to match the catalog? That sounds like the kind of data you folks would want. What else would be helpful? Rick
  3. Hi On wednwsday I purchased your British CoinManager. Tried to activate it with the emailed reg Key. The program said I was running a VM and it was not possible to continue. I am not running a VM. Joined your forum to see if anybody else had the same problem. On April the 4th Znamloot had same problem, four days later he received a reply :- Hi, please try again. Should work now. Sorry we forgot to change a setting in the licensing control panel. Please revisit the licence control panel so as I can activate and use the program. This is not a good start or introduction to your product. Please don’t make me wait 3 day! Are there any admin's monitoring user problems as i have had no reply from emails or posts. If I do not get a reply soon i will be requesting a full refund. Brubaker
  4. the other user had to wait 3 days before "Sorry we forgot to change a setting in the licensing control panel." Hope i dont have to wait so long.
  5. purchaced software today. same problem as below with another user.
  6. I am trying to attach pictures to my items. I have tried several different ways but they never save. I am using windows 10 pro. I am using the trial to see if this is going to work. Not sure what the deal is. After turning of the webcam feature it finally stopped crashing but I would like to attach my picture to the items. Is there a save button I am missing? Do the photos have to be a certain size? Nevermind. I figured out it has something to do with my current install of windows 10 pro. Installed a fresh copy of windows 10 in a VM with nothing but chrome added and HomeManage works like it is supposed to. Didn't even have to uncheck the webcam setting.
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  8. Hi, we did a video on this subject awhile back. Can you watch it and let us know if you have any more questions:
  9. I was working in the CoinManage program and I lost the program. I still when I attempt to open the app nothing happens. The data file is still loaded on the computer, but the program will not respond - I have rebooted twice. This happened while I was trying to delete an entry.
  10. I agree; in addition, the new panels are not being entered into the commemorative panel folder section, just under general issue. I really want to put mine there!!
  11. Cannot seem to add 'Varity' info. how to do?
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    Add my own Grades

    Either way works for me. Thanks so much.
  13. Thanks, Colin. SM can sort by Scott # correctly, as seen when one clicks on that column, but I can't make it do it. Also, how does one select more that one column in SM?
  14. There is nowhere to select Japan/Prefecture on my Stamp Manage Catalog list. I can select Country/Year, Country/Denomination or Country/Series but nowhere can I select Country/Type. See attached.
  15. Hi As an Access-ologist. "I tried selecting the Column heading for Stamp Type, and Centering, so it groups all the stamps, but they're not in Scott # order." With Access you can Highlight and select more than one column for sorting. You can highlight Columns and make them adjacent, prior to sorting. The database stores the Scott Catalog Number as a Text Alphabetical field. It also separates the Scott Catalog number into three fields (Prefix, Number and Suffix) with number being a Numeric Field. So if you wish to sort you need to use the Numeric field. (Not sure if its viewable?) Sort on six numbers Numeric 21 210 211 212 2101 2120 Which is what you want Sort on the same six numbers as a Text field:- 21 210 2101 211 212 2120 Which is not the sort you want Regards colin@colinpattrick.com
  16. Hi They are not listed under "General Issue" stamps for Japan. (nor are Semi-Postals, Air Mails, Military Stamps, prefecture, etc) All stamps for Japan share the same Country ID (which is 43) All "General Issue" stamps have the TypeID of 20740 All "Semi-Postal" stamps have the TypeID of 21646 All "Airmails" stamps have TypeID of 21843 All "Military Stamps" have TypeID of 58766 All "Prefecture General Issue Stamps" have TypeID of 24223 All "Prefecture Semi-Postal stamps" have a TypeID of 24225 Think you are selecting (Japan, General Issue) and trying to add/find. Go to (Japan,Prefecture) and you should find the stamps Wishing you Hope for the future Regards colin@colinpattrick.com
  17. Alright so coin catalogs are not pre-entered and will have to be added though the editor. We might be able to create the new catagory then use the copy/move function to put coins in it if like me you've already entered each coin manually. Am I missing something here?
  18. I'm having problems adding some of the early Japanese Prefecture issues to my collection. (Scott Nos. z1 - z50 approximately.) I've tried every which way to find them in the database, but nothing I try given the search offerings in the software gives me results. I've tried searching my Country/Date, Country/Denomination and every kind of search I can try and it gives me nothing. The thing is that I've opened up the database using Access and they are listed in the database, no search makes them appear. And if I try to add them to the database, the screen comes up where I'm supposed to select the variety, but there is nothing to select! Has anyone else come across this problem?
  19. I like to add an attachment for the order pertaining to the item being added. For some time now, when I add an attachment on the first add of an item, it does not add the attachment. I have to go back and add it again. I've tried this several times using different sequences. The attachment appears to be there when I leave that screen and go elsewhere and then return, before hitting add. But when I return it is not there. After that it works fine. PS: I was hoping to see the new HM2021 soon.
  20. I have entered a collection of Peace Dollars. When I print the collection, the column for Mint does not appear. How do I fix this?
  21. There has to be a way to do this, but I can't figure it out. I'm not an Access-ologist. I want a list, in Scott # order, of all my booklet panes, so I can check them off a list of all booklet panes, to see which ones I'm missing. I also want a list, in Scott # order, of all stamps I have entered with a Centering of Fine, so I can print a list of stamps I need to replace. I tried selecting the Column heading for Stamp Type, and Centering, so it groups all the stamps, but they're not in Scott # order. On a similar note, under the View By pane on the far left, can you add "Centering" to the list of options?
  22. I had a similar issue. Changing this registry fixed the issue. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liberty Street Software\StampManage Value: Location
  23. Changing this registry fixed the issue. Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liberty Street Software\StampManage Value: Location
  24. Hi there. Upgrading through the application, the installer shows the path where it will upgrade, but that path is the path I used when I originally installed. Ex. original C:\Users\me\Desktop and the current directory is C:\Users\me\anotherdirectory, yet the installer states "Install folder C:\Users\me\Desktop\StampManage If I continue with the incorrect path, the installer creates the new directory but my application still states there is an update and I stay in a loop as the working directory was not updated. Also, in the Path Preferences, all paths are pointing to my current directories. How can I get the installer to use the correct path? Thanks
  25. Hi, the grades are hard coded into the database, the user at this time cannot change them. We made a mistake with the F-16 instead of F-15. We will be either adding the F-15 for the next free update of the 2021 version, or we may just change F-16 to F-15 if that may make more sense.
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    Worth it?

    The forum is typically quiet as the program works quite well. I’ve used CoinManage since the early 2000s and have updated almost yearly since.
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