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  2. Any news to report on when Coin Manage 2021 will be available?
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  4. I was wondering why no stamp images showed in my 2021 software and noticed that my StampImages folder is empty. How do I get this folder loaded with pictures that you provide of stamps? Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi, is it saying the code is in use? if so, kindly email us the code and we can release it for re-use. sales@libertystreet.com
  6. Hi Guys, So I got a new pc and transferred all my files over using software provided by a company called Laplink. I originally purchased Stamp Manage in 2020 and activated it in the usual manner. I then upgraded to 2021. Now I have the new machine which has of course the 2021 on it, it is asking for the activation code. I retrieved this from the website and got the email with the code. The programme will not accept it and I keep getting a message in a box telling me I must use a valid activation code, and that I should check it and try again. Of course I have done this. I have even shut d
  7. Finally! I tried one more time and clicked Help > Check for Updates, and it said a new version was available. I updated and then it was possible to add 2020 stamps up through 5422, which I assume is all that is available. Thus this issue can be closed. Thanks!
  8. when i go to print a report of valuation the cost column shows $0 when my actual cost is $.16 and the value column shows $1 when the actual value is $.95 for instance scott# 782 my cost for a plate block was .16 the report show $0 i want the cost column to show $.16 same for the Value Column $.95 how can we change the cost and value to show 2 decimal points as dollar amounts eg: $1.05 or $.16
  9. NO. You are trying to sort on a 'Text' field (Scott#). SM stores the Scott Number in two formats within the Access Database. The first format it stores the Full Scott Number as a 'Text' field (this is the field you are trying to Sort on). The second format within the Access Database it stores the Full Scott Number as 3 fields (Prefix, Number & Suffix). It is Number that is a Numeric Field and will sort the way you want. I am uncertain whether the 2nd format can be viewed within the Report you are generating. Hope this helps. Regards colin@colinpattrick.com
  10. purchased coin manage and currency manage 9-8-2018 invoice #20189712514. had to have windows 10 re-installed, cannot enter either code to activate these programs. what do we do.
  11. Sorry for the confusion. Yes, the problem continues. I just repeated the described process. It said "Importing SMV~2021", and then started saying "Adding" and lots of stamps. Yet after that and exiting / restarting the program, no new 2020 stamps.
  12. No. I don't have a File > Update Data File, but my version shows File > Update New Stamp Manage Data File, which is what I assume is the same? I do that, exit and restart the program and no change. I have done this at least twice. Any other ideas?
  13. Hi, I am using 'Other' for Facit numbers and in my reports I am wanting to sort by Stamp.CatalogNumber. When I order by Stamp.CatalogNumber, all the numbers with a 1 as the leading digit come before 2. The first stamp listed is Facit 1, then Facit 10, then Facit 1002, and after all 1-leading stamps are listed, Facit 2 is next. When ordering by Stamp.ScottNumber, ordering is numerical. I do notice that if I add leading zeros, the Facit numbers are in order. Is there a way to get Stamp.CatalogNumber to order like Stamp.ScottNumber orders?
  14. you are running the 2021 version? try selecting FILE > UPDATE DATA FILE.. from the main menu then EXIT and restart the program. Does the problem continue?
  15. Overall, I love your software! However, after updating my SM 2021 software to the latest available release, running on Windows 10 Home, I don't have 2020 US stamps. I was hoping that most of the 2020 stamps would be available. The highest US general issue stamp number that was available is 5427b, which was issued 10/25/2019. I have tried twice to run "Update New Stamp Manage Data File". I thought I had loaded many more stamps from 2020 already, and now they don't show. How to I get 2020 stamps to load? Thanks for any help!
  16. If I put 2nd copy on another computer ...will the 2 programs talk and sync to each other during back ups?
  17. If I deleted any coins from the database, how can I restore them. I was trying to change some images and pressed the "Remove" icon thinking it was removing the image and not the coin. Also, in the American Innovation coins I notice that there are these particular entries: 2020-S South Carolina - "Silver" Proof 2020-S Maryland - "Silver" Proof 2020-S Massachusetts - "Silver" Proof Should those be "Reverse Proof" and not Silver Proof? And if there are any other that say Silver Proof in the American Innovation series? And then there is a Connecticut - Reverse Pro
  18. I'm looking to begin a stamp store (hip stamp/ebay) on line business. I just purchase a epson 600 flatbed scanner. I know the value of my stamps & how to describe the cond of my stamps & how to describe the condition & the scott #'s but I am NOT technically savvy & know nothing about placing on hip stamp/evbay. How would stamp manage (I was recommended to it by a stamp dealer) help me in placing on hip stamp/ebay & make it easier? Can I use SM descrition but also include my own descrition on SM as wee ie: jumbo, gorgeous color, bold/sharp impression etc
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  20. When trying to add an item using the webcam feature I get the error message above. I have an HD Pro Webcam c920. Can you advise what to do to fix this error? Thank you.
  21. Yes, by disabling the Webcam Features, it fixed the crashing.
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    All of a sudden I am not getting images as before. How can I solve this issue?
  23. I often add multiple coins at one time, such as when returning from a coin show or LCS. I typically select multiple coins to add and then go to the Additional Info tab to enter the date I purchased them and who I purchased them from as well as possibly some other details. When I save the coins, the additional details only show in the grid for the first coin I added. However, if I open the properties for one of the other coins, then go to the Additional Info tab I see the details. If I click OK to close the properties window, the details show up, so they seem to be getting saved initially into
  24. +1 for the change to how proof sets are organized!
  25. I get this same error when opening the coin properties page too many times (either adding lots of new coins or updating a lot of coins). It only happens after a LOT of activity, likely opening that coin details page well over a hundred times. The only way to resolve is to kill in Task Manager and restart the app.
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