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  2. Sorry, but I do not understand the "...that directory in the system backup." Are you referring to HIP > Application Options > File locations? If so, which elements (Data, Images, Media, Attachments) are replaced with #2 and #3 in your directions? Thanks!!
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  4. Were you ever able to produce a video to address this issue? I'm assuming the 2022 version will be out soon and I'd rather fix it in advance than clean it up after. Thanks.
  5. 1. install the program in the new system. 2. replace the radium technologies dierctory in C:\Program Data with that directory in the system backup. 3. replace the radium technologies directory in C:\users\<installing user>\appdata\Local with that directory in the system backup. This did the job for me.
  6. Thanks. I had to restart the program and then 2021 showed up. Do you know if there is a way to have all the values of the stamps reflect the 2021 values based on the condition, etc. Or do I have to adjust each one by hand? Looks like almost all the values have changed (many have been reduced over the past 8 years).
  7. HI, if you go to TOOLS > PREFERENCES do you see a 2021 value table in the dropdown? If so, make sure that is selected. If not, try selecting: FILE > UPDATE DATA FILE from the main menu, then EXIT and restart the program. Is it there now?
  8. Hi, you are getting this error whenever you edit any asset?
  9. I just upgraded my 2018 version to 2021. The values I see are the ones from 2018, and I can select older versions, but how do I see the 2021 values? Also, is there a way to update all the values to 2021 based on the stamp rating (VF-M, etc)? Thanks
  10. Do you have a running history of changes between each of the major versions? I just updated from v2018. I'd like to know all the changes since 2018. I assume there was a 2019, 2020, and 2021 version release? Thanks,
  11. Always a challenge, trying to find where to inventory in CoinManage. For example, where to properly inventory a particular coin. Bullion, or whatever. Where? Gaming Token? Bullion seems but not sure. Create a new but where? Databases can be very confusing, and it depends on the DB managers to properly guide. I find that there is not a proper place to place them in the database. Confusing as to inventory in bullion etc. Is there an area to place or categorize as additional variety, type, etc.? -.0
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    2021 Download Issues

    So I just finished the download of the new 2021 edition. I noticed all of my coin and coin set pictures are very blurry. Is there an issue with the new download since this has not happened with previous year updates?
  13. Upgraded to Home Manage 2022 and now I get that syntax error during update instruction. The software does not change the beneficiary anymore when I make changes.
  14. Waited for 2021 update and disappointed many of the 2020 and 2021 Silver Eagle types and varieties are not included - especially the common coins available today. No Types of Varieties added to the database to give a collector something to grab onto to inventory coins To Date. Problem is -- maybe my own -- is, when you attempt to inventory and/or make the decision to actually do it - and the next Update comes out everything gets wonkers for any type of guideline. And you would think, all that information was given out well in advance, and you'd think numismatic collection softwares would be right on it - well in advance and in anticipation the public needs for such software inventory needs in many ways, especially with all the options. Okay, you made the Status thing, last season whatever-- but you haven't made a "temporary addition that needs to be updated when CM/LS adds to database", and a "original product name and number/item number" that helps - guides - drills - hones" in the item being databased. Seems like something is missing, that -- If I can help, I'd enjoy the task! Let's make this software to have Super, Ultra beef, etc., stati!
  15. Back in 2019 you indicated you would try to enable the ability to override the "reset" function when choosing APPLY to add stamps. Thus if one has a group of Plate Blocks, First Day Covers, etc. it would not be necessary to keep switching back from the "single stamp" designation for each additional item. Is this still being considered? Or did I miss the implementation of that feature?
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  17. You may have 2 icons on your desktop. One that runs version 2020 and another that runs version 2022. Can you check to see if this is the case. There should be an icon that is titled HomeManage 2022
  18. Downloaded HomeMng2022Setup2022 setup, installed, rebooted. Did not update from Version . Never prompted me for new key
  19. Hi, you should add a new room to a location by right mouse click on the location. The program used to have the ability to add a room that had "no owner location" that may be what is causing the duplication.
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    Dup of new room

    when i add a new room it adds it ok, but the program add a dup in the main residence view example when i add a craft room, no problems with adding items and info ok, just the program adds or dup the craft room in the main residence list,the same info is in both rooms thanks clay craftywil@aol.com
  21. If you anti-virus is prohibiting files from being written to a folder we have no power to override that. There should be a way in your anti-virus to exclude the images folder from being set to read-only.
  22. Hi, are you using the 2021 version? I don't see any problems with the year showing. Does it happen for all reports?
  23. Received your email and my code works once again. Thanks for your quick reply.
  24. Hi, if you go to: https://libertystreet.com/CoinManage_Support.htm and scroll down you will see a section on how to move CoinManage to a new computer. Email us at sales@libertystreet.com and we can reply with how to upgrade to the new Deluxe 2021 version.
  25. Hi, we have released your code and replied via email. It should work now. We are going to work on a way for the user to release codes online from a page on our site. Right now, you can email us the code and we will release it for re-use.
  26. Hi, we did a video on this. Let me know if you have any further questions:
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