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  1. Hi, is it saying the code is in use? if so, kindly email us the code and we can release it for re-use. sales@libertystreet.com
  2. you are running the 2021 version? try selecting FILE > UPDATE DATA FILE.. from the main menu then EXIT and restart the program. Does the problem continue?
  3. Hi, can you post a screenshot of this so we can see where it is in the program? which country currency is the default in your Windows environment?
  4. try downloading the update directly from here. Please note this download link will not work correctly for anyone using a version of HomeManage other than version 2020.
  5. so you don't like the one in your screenshot? we put up a windows that is bigger depending on users screen resolution. Let me know your screen resolution we will see if we can improve it.
  6. are you referring to the stock images that ship with the program or images you yourself have added?
  7. admin


    Hi, CoinManage does not currently support Sets unless they are sets issued by the Mint such as Proof Sets, Commemorative Sets, etc.. We have thought about adding this kind of feature, maybe for next year I can't say for sure at this point.
  8. Hi, probably sometime in late February is our goal.
  9. Hi, yes the activation code will work on 2 computers.
  10. Hi, if you go into TOOLS > PREFERENCES and uncheck the USE WEBCAM checkbox does that fix the crashing? If so, which webcam model are you using?
  11. If you select FILE > GOTO REPORTS FOLDER from the main menu, does the program open a valid folder full of .lst & .lsv files? If not, you can install again, make sure the REPORTS folder path is valid.
  12. I seem to have run into an issue. My system drive crashed and I had to replace it. Now prior to this, when I originally installed CoinManage 2020 Deluxe, I moved all of the folders : images, coinimages, data, backup and reports, to a secondary drive and changed their locations within the preferences of the program. So, after the crash all I had to do was reinstall the program, change the locations to where I had them set at. And I restored my most recent backup (prior to the crash). 

    Now here is the issue. preferences has everything pointed to my secondary drive, but, every time I start the program it does a  system import from the folder within My Documents. Why is it doing this and how do I stop it?


    Rusty Walston

    1. admin


      HI, it does an import every time you run? is it possible your data folder is set to the IMPORT folder?

  13. admin

    2020 upgrade

    HI, which program is this regarding?
  14. we did a video on this at: https://youtu.be/tR8OLg5CZaM take a look and let me know if you still have questions.
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