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  1. HI, if you go to TOOLS > PREFERENCES do you see a 2021 value table in the dropdown? If so, make sure that is selected. If not, try selecting: FILE > UPDATE DATA FILE from the main menu, then EXIT and restart the program. Is it there now?
  2. Hi, you are getting this error whenever you edit any asset?
  3. You may have 2 icons on your desktop. One that runs version 2020 and another that runs version 2022. Can you check to see if this is the case. There should be an icon that is titled HomeManage 2022
  4. Hi, you should add a new room to a location by right mouse click on the location. The program used to have the ability to add a room that had "no owner location" that may be what is causing the duplication.
  5. If you anti-virus is prohibiting files from being written to a folder we have no power to override that. There should be a way in your anti-virus to exclude the images folder from being set to read-only.
  6. Hi, are you using the 2021 version? I don't see any problems with the year showing. Does it happen for all reports?
  7. Hi, if you go to: https://libertystreet.com/CoinManage_Support.htm and scroll down you will see a section on how to move CoinManage to a new computer. Email us at sales@libertystreet.com and we can reply with how to upgrade to the new Deluxe 2021 version.
  8. Hi, we have released your code and replied via email. It should work now. We are going to work on a way for the user to release codes online from a page on our site. Right now, you can email us the code and we will release it for re-use.
  9. Hi, we did a video on this. Let me know if you have any further questions:
  10. Hi, email us at sales@libertystreet.com and we should be able to extend the trial for 10 or 15 days.
  11. have you ever been able to add images? you mentioned that FILE > GO TO IMAGES FOLDER opens a folder with image files. where those image files created with HomeManage before the problem started. We have seen cases where a user anti-virus prevents files from being written. Is that a possibility in your case?
  12. The Mint Set prices are the value for the set as a whole. Like you would see in most popular coin value guides. There is no individual breakdown of the coins in the set.
  13. Hi, these anti-virus often give false positive. We test the program with 3 anti-virus while developing.
  14. Hi, you are using the 2021 version? We have new updates coming out soon and will add these files to the update for anyone with this issue
  15. Hi, I believe we emailed you about this. If you can post here or email some barcodes that are not working we will take a look. I believe you are outside of the USA, the barcode lookup will soon have the option to search Amazon UK and Amazon in other countries, that could be the issue
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