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  1. Hi, we did a video on this subject awhile back. Can you watch it and let us know if you have any more questions:
  2. Hi, the grades are hard coded into the database, the user at this time cannot change them. We made a mistake with the F-16 instead of F-15. We will be either adding the F-15 for the next free update of the 2021 version, or we may just change F-16 to F-15 if that may make more sense.
  3. Hi, you can safely delete the .bk files. I assume you keep your hard drive backed up. If not, I would suggest Acronis TrueImage, we have used it here for years.
  4. Hi, I don't think there is a Varieties field in the ADD STAMP dialog. Are you referring to another field?
  5. Hi, the update file has permissions to download as we have just tried it. Can you either post or send a screenshot of the error to: techsupport@libertystreet.com it seems like some sort of permissions error.
  6. Hi, yes it is only for the StampManage USA. We have another DELUXE update coming out in about a week.
  7. Coin Manage Deluxe 2021 Tools, CoinManage Coin Database Editor simply does NOT work!

  8. Coin Manage Deluxe 2021 when adding coins, the additional info tab has a drop down list for graded by information and I choose one available in the dropdown. Upon finishing everything for adding the coin and clicking on apply, the coin DOES NOT show anything in the graded by category. Why?

  9. if you select: FILE > GO TO REPORTS FOLDER from the main menu. Does it bring up a valid folder with many .lst and .lsv files. if not, reinstall the program. Making sure the the REPORTS and IMAGES folder are set to valid folders on your computer. The folders also need read / write access.
  10. Hi, how big is the image file if you simple scan it as a Jpg or png image using Microsoft Paint or other similar program? If you can send the image file to us at techsupport@libertystreet.com we can take a look. It may be possible to also simply attach the large scan as an attachment to the item.
  11. How are you scrolling, by clicking within the scroll bar component of the list. If so, note the clicking above the "shaded shaft" shown in the attached image will scroll the list up. Clicking below the shaft will scroll down. Is it possible you are clicking above the shaded shaft when you get down near the bottom of the list?
  12. Hi, no it will not. The Chromebook only runs web based applications. Our software is mostly MS Windows based.
  13. Hi, we don't currently have US MINT codes in the program database. But it is something we will look into. what is the item? mint set, proof set, US mint rolls? that is how you would find it in the CoinManage database.
  14. Hi, those flags are coded into the program and can't be changed by user at this point. We will try to make the flags external to the program EXE at some point. The reason you can't see more flags it there is an internal limit as to how many can be included with that type of windows control.
  15. Hi, yes I am looking through these stamps and I'm not seeing missing numbers. The latest update was a couple weeks ago for StampManage Deluxe 2021. Is that the version you have?
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