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  1. We can do a video on how to first add this to the CoinManage database, then inventory it. We have listings for generic silver rounds, but I don't think we have a listing for one of 2880 grains.
  2. When you use the RESTORE command FILE > RESTORE BACKUP from the main menu you are replacing the current database in use with the one contained in the backup file chosen. So that would be a way to use multiple databases. FILE > BACKUP DATABASE... to save the current database, the RESTORE to retrieve it later on.
  3. Hi, try deleting the file HEADERS.WCD in most cases it is in your MY DOCUMENTS/STAMPMANAGE folder. Then run StampManage again. If the error continues, can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing.
  4. Hi, are you missing many images? of just a few? We don't have 100% images for both of those locations but it should be pretty close.
  5. Hi, the program has a feature that lets you scan PCGS slabbed coins. You scan the barcode and CoinManage will look up the variety, grade,etc.. this feature only works for PCGS coins as NGC and other slabbed coins do not contain that information in the barcode. You can find which version you have be selecting: HELP > ABOUT from the main menu. If you have CoinManage Deluxe, you can upgrade to the new 2021 version at: CoinManage Deluxe 2021 Upgrades (libertystreet.com) CoinManage USA at: CoinManage USA 2021 Coin Softwa
  6. I believe I emailed you about this already. The problem with uninstalling older versions after you have 2021 running is that the uninstalls will delete some of the stock images. So you would need to install 2021 again. For other users in this situation. Please run your current copy of CoinManage and do a backup. Uninstall your older versions. Then install 2021.
  7. Hi, HomeManage has been quite popular..especially the past couple of years.. if we ever decided to stop selling HomeManage for whatever reason, we would just make the program Public Domain. The data file can easily be opened with MICROSOFT ACCESS. It is not encrypted or proprietary. We will take a look at the first 2 items. The Demo user fields should have the same functionality as the full version.
  8. Ok thanks, we will make sure these are all in there.
  9. Hi, please try again. Should work now. Sorry we forgot to change a setting in the licensing control panel.
  10. Hi, the next free update in the 2-3 weeks will have more recent issues, we update the database every 2 months or so.
  11. Hi, it is possible to create a new VALUE TABLE and select it for use when adding coins. It is quite a bit of work as you would have to manually enter the values. We will do a video on this subject in the next week or 2.
  12. Hi, you can select ACTIONS > EMPTY DELETED STAMPS FOLDER from the main menu. Although deleting a stamp that is already in the DELETED STAMPS folder should get rid of permanently. We will look into this.
  13. Hi, was this an official set from the US Mint? or do you just have all 4 coins from that year? I'm looking on the internet and found a page stating no Proof Gold american eagles were minted that year.
  14. Hi, did the install eventually finish? This may be happening because your anti-virus is spending time analyzing each of the thousands of image files as they are installed on your hard drive.
  15. Hi, we did a video on importing as shown below. Being able to create an import "template" is not a feature in the program at this time. Maybe someone else has imported from Sortly and can help with mapping fields.
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