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  1. Recently I ran the update check to see if there were updates available for HM2020 version and got the Update Error message: Error: Update information for HomeManage 2020 could not be downloaded. Please contact Liberty Street Software for help. See the graphic. What does this mean and how can I resolve it? Thanks, David
  2. What are the features you're focusing on for the HomeManage 2021 version?
  3. I have the same issue with the toolbar -- it's gigantic and cannot be sized down. I'm running HomeManage 2020 on two Windows 10 20H2 machines, and this issue only happens on one of the machines. It's not clear why only one is impacted.
  4. dealio


    Seems like either way should work.
  5. @admin, any progress with this issue? Thank you David
  6. I have a NAS for which I bought several HDs (hard drives) of exactly the same brand (WD) and model (Red) but different capacities (10 or 12TB), and from three different vendors. I wanted to add the HDs to inventory with the proper product details such as order number, S/N, P/N, model, dealer, warranty, etc. as well as cost details. I created an item with all the this information in the designated fields, then linked the NAS unit as the parent item using the Linked Assets tab of the Item Properties dialog box. Then I duplicated the item several times. The duplicates were smart enough to blank o
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