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  1. Recently I made a change in the location where all the attachments are stored to simplify backup of all attachments. This meant that I would need to edit every asset which has an attachment to update the drive letter to point to the new location. This process is highly manual, but was working well until about the 40th or so item when I received an error message upon attempting to open the next asset properties box. The text of the error is "System resource exceeded. (3035) and the OK button is the only option. Clicking the OK button results in another box popping up with the exact same message
  2. The problem with apostrophes has been around for a couple versions. I recall figuring out that it was the apostrophe that I had put in attachment titles that causes an unreadable error consistently. I now avoid them.
  3. Thanks for the link to videos. However, it didn't work for me. Maybe there's a typo in it.
  4. After running the application for the third time (close and reopen it), the images panel reappeared with no changes in preferences or any settings on my laptop. When clicked, images open as expected, and they still show up in the Properties/Item Pictures tab. Very odd behavior. It is unclear what caused the image panel not to display, and why it suddenly appeared after several app restarts, so it is unclear if it will happen again 'out of the blue'. However, the Preferences dialog box remains impaired as described above. Problematic.
  5. I'm in the process of transferring my licensed copy of HomeManage2020 from an old laptop to a new one. The steps I completed are: Run HomeManage2020 on the old laptop Deactivate the license from the Tools/Licensing menu. (success. no error notifications) Install the May 2020 downloaded version of HomeManage2020 ( on the new laptop Run the Check for Updates menu under help on the new laptop (it completed successfully updating to Customize preferences to specify the locations of my database, asset images, and reports Close HM2020. Re
  6. The subject of my post is the exact text of the error message. The only thing missing is the statement to contact Liberty Street Software for support. I attempted to upload a screenshot of the dialog box that has the error, but this forum would not allow the file to be posted apparently because it was larger than 57K. Thanks, David
  7. I cannot get the update to run on my desktop because of the error message in the subject. The drive S: that the error message says "does not exist" does indeed exist because I can do a directory listing of it at the console, and I can explore its contents in Explorer. How can I proceed with the update? The update process seems to be getting more problematic. The first issue I had was that the update process won't run from within the application without catastrophic failure. Now even when I run the update directly from the link provided by the admin at LibertyStreet, the update fails
  8. The error message in the subject is what I get when I run the Check for Updates menuitem under the Help menu. The full error message is Error: Update information for HomeManage 2020 could not be downloaded. Please contact Liberty Street Software for help. First I want to check for updates as I am currently running version for a while and thought there might be fixes for some of the issues I encounter. So I want to update if there is an update. What causes this problem? And how can I fix it? I've seen the problem several times before with several different versions of
  9. Are you saying there is no way to point the application at an MDB that has a different name? Thx, David
  10. I've thought of that idea and the MDB is the easy part (though the renaming approach is potentially prone to mistakes). But seems like it's not a good or complete solution. For example, how would this work when images of the assets I'm testing are involved (for example, adding, deleting or rearranging images)? Wouldn't it corrupt my image repository so that when I switch back to the "production" MDB, the images will not be as they were before? And a secondary concern: wouldn't the same problem described above for images exist for any reports that I might modify while in "test" since the r
  11. Is there a way to use HM with a second "test" database? The "test" database would be a copy of my original database & images & attachments and I'd use it to try some things in test so that if it doesn't work out well, I don't ruin my primary database. For example, learning how to use the Clone functionality properly, or when manipulating images, or when working around bugs I find that haven't been fixed yet. Thanks David NOTE: I've asked about some of the items I would test in this forum, but have received no guidance on those issues. So its left to me to figure it out.
  12. Hi Ron, I'm not certain of the cause of the error you list above, but the only time that I've seen that kind of error is when I have tried to enter text that contains an apostrophe in it. For example: User's Manual. HM will choke on the apostrophe and spit out an error usually. Try avoiding single quotes/apostrophes to see if this works around the bug. David
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