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  1. Thank you. Somehow I missed the video before. I'll check it out. Seems like you're also saying that user-defined fields cannot be included in reports currently. If I understood that correctly, then I cannot create the report I want because the vital fields I need in the report are user-defined fields. Please confirm. Thanks David
  2. I'm trying to create a report of all the smart lights I have added to the data base so that I can insure that I got all the serial numbers, and other details correctly recorded. I've created a new category called "Smart Light" and applied it to each light added. But I cannot figure out how to do a simple filter of the data in the report designer, where Category = "Smart Light". Second problem. I reviewed the video on YouTube about creating reports. I followed the steps in the video to select the fields that I wanted in the report, but found that the field selector (Available Fields, I think), excludes many fields, including several that I want to include in the report. Is there another way to create the report I want with all the fields I need? The filter I want to use and the fields I want to include are listed below: Filters: Category = "Smart Light" Fields for Smart Light report Asset # Image 1 Brand Name Model Number Status Invoice/PO # Date Bought Serial Number MAC Address (wireless) Location/Room Field 1 Name = "HomeKit Code" (this is a user-defined field: User Field 20) Field 1 Value (this is a user-defined field: User Field 21) Field 2 Name = "Host Name" (this is a user-defined field: User Field 22) Field 2 Value (this is a user-defined field: User Field 23) Field 3 Name (this is a user-defined field: User Field 24) Field 3 Value (this is a user-defined field: User Field 25) The bold labels are the names I gave to user-defined fields listed to the far right of the field name above within parentheses. TIA David
  3. Glad you got what you needed. Just curious what software you landed with. I haven't looked for inventorying software for years, but would be interested depending on the features it offers. TIA David
  4. @Pro86 I'm a user just like you and I came across this problem a few years ago. Somewhere on the forum I read about disabling Webcam Features as a work-around and it worked for me. You can get to the setting on Tools/Preferences on the Preferences tab on the right side of the dialog box. Uncheck Enable Webcam Features and see if that solves your crashing problem. If it does, it probably means your webcam is incompatible with the program. As for the second issue you mention, user-defined fields, my experience is that they are spotty with regard to how they do or don't work. I have up to 78 fields defined and most of them work, but they were created in an older version of HM (which may be key). Anyway, some of them do NOT work. For example field #25 doesn't show up even though 24 and 26 do show up. In addition, I've found that in the Preferences dialog box where you define the user-defined fields, some field numbers are duplicated. For example, Field2 2, 10, 11 and 12 show up twice on the left side of the dialog box making it appear as though you can assign a name to them twice. So I just don't use the second occurrence of those fields and that seems to work. Also be aware that there are some other quirks with Property column (contains User Field 1, User Field 2, etc.) is sorted alphabetically, not numerically, so Fields 10 - Field 19 are listed after Field 1 but before Field 2 and similarly Fields 20 - Field 29 are listed after Field 2 but before Field 3. This may make it easy to mistakenly use a field you didn't intend to use. Its also just counter-intuitive. David
  5. Recently I made a change in the location where all the attachments are stored to simplify backup of all attachments. This meant that I would need to edit every asset which has an attachment to update the drive letter to point to the new location. This process is highly manual, but was working well until about the 40th or so item when I received an error message upon attempting to open the next asset properties box. The text of the error is "System resource exceeded. (3035) and the OK button is the only option. Clicking the OK button results in another box popping up with the exact same message, then another box, then another and so on with no apparent way around the issue but to kill the program. The dialog box is modal and will not allow any other access to the program until it has been closed. UPDATE: I found that after 15 - 20 error dialog boxes, the properties dialog finally appeared and I could close it, then close the program without killing it! After restarting the app, it worked as expected. Note that the system HomeManage 2020 is running on has 64 GB RAM and 2TB drive storage space on 2 drives, both of which are less than 10% full. I don't know what system resource HM2020 is running out of, and so I don't know how to prevent this issue. A quick look at Task Manager revealed that the AssetMng.exe process (HomeManage) was consuming 1.4 GB as Working Set and 1.3 GB as Active Private Working Set. As it is a 32-bit program, it should be able to access at least 2GB of memory with no problem. So I need help understanding what the problem is and how to correct it.
  6. The problem with apostrophes has been around for a couple versions. I recall figuring out that it was the apostrophe that I had put in attachment titles that causes an unreadable error consistently. I now avoid them.
  7. Thanks for the link to videos. However, it didn't work for me. Maybe there's a typo in it.
  8. After running the application for the third time (close and reopen it), the images panel reappeared with no changes in preferences or any settings on my laptop. When clicked, images open as expected, and they still show up in the Properties/Item Pictures tab. Very odd behavior. It is unclear what caused the image panel not to display, and why it suddenly appeared after several app restarts, so it is unclear if it will happen again 'out of the blue'. However, the Preferences dialog box remains impaired as described above. Problematic.
  9. I'm in the process of transferring my licensed copy of HomeManage2020 from an old laptop to a new one. The steps I completed are: Run HomeManage2020 on the old laptop Deactivate the license from the Tools/Licensing menu. (success. no error notifications) Install the May 2020 downloaded version of HomeManage2020 ( on the new laptop Run the Check for Updates menu under help on the new laptop (it completed successfully updating to Customize preferences to specify the locations of my database, asset images, and reports Close HM2020. Reopen HM2020. Verify that my database is opened (success) I noticed some problems: The Preferences dialog box is different. In the Preferences dialog, there is no longer the option to change the font size at the bottom of the Preferences tab. The missing option is called Font Size For Lists of Items. There are only 3 panels on the main application screen instead of 4 panels: navigation (panel on the left), the asset list (panel along the top), and the summary information window (panel below the asset list that displays the selected asset's details). The images panel is missing. The only images visible are the thumbnails in the asset list panel above. However, the images were not deleted. If I open the Properties dialog box for an asset, and select the Item Pictures tab, all of the images appear there as expected. The Unused Rooms list and the 2 buttons below it (Add a Room and Delete) are missing, and the Unused Categories list moved from the right side of the dialog box to the left side, taking the space of the Unused Rooms list; the Enable Webcam Features checkbox, which use to be below the Unused Categories list moved up since that listbox is missing. Pictures of these changes would make conveying them much simpler, but the 50K pictures upload limit prevents that. Are these known issues with the update? What is causing these issues and when will they be fixed? Is there anything I need to do to fix them? Thank you David
  10. The subject of my post is the exact text of the error message. The only thing missing is the statement to contact Liberty Street Software for support. I attempted to upload a screenshot of the dialog box that has the error, but this forum would not allow the file to be posted apparently because it was larger than 57K. Thanks, David
  11. I cannot get the update to run on my desktop because of the error message in the subject. The drive S: that the error message says "does not exist" does indeed exist because I can do a directory listing of it at the console, and I can explore its contents in Explorer. How can I proceed with the update? The update process seems to be getting more problematic. The first issue I had was that the update process won't run from within the application without catastrophic failure. Now even when I run the update directly from the link provided by the admin at LibertyStreet, the update fails with the above message! It's getting very tedious and frustrating keeping this software updated! Something is broken with the update process. I need help determining what is broken. David
  12. The error message in the subject is what I get when I run the Check for Updates menuitem under the Help menu. The full error message is Error: Update information for HomeManage 2020 could not be downloaded. Please contact Liberty Street Software for help. First I want to check for updates as I am currently running version for a while and thought there might be fixes for some of the issues I encounter. So I want to update if there is an update. What causes this problem? And how can I fix it? I've seen the problem several times before with several different versions of HomeManage (2020, 2019, 2018, and maybe more). The solution has always been the admin gives me a link to the update file and I download and apply it. That's works. But how do I fix the problem so this doesn't happen any more and the update process works as it is suppose to? Is there something I've got configured improperly? Thanks, David
  13. Are you saying there is no way to point the application at an MDB that has a different name? Thx, David
  14. I've thought of that idea and the MDB is the easy part (though the renaming approach is potentially prone to mistakes). But seems like it's not a good or complete solution. For example, how would this work when images of the assets I'm testing are involved (for example, adding, deleting or rearranging images)? Wouldn't it corrupt my image repository so that when I switch back to the "production" MDB, the images will not be as they were before? And a secondary concern: wouldn't the same problem described above for images exist for any reports that I might modify while in "test" since the report files aren't in the MDB?
  15. Is there a way to use HM with a second "test" database? The "test" database would be a copy of my original database & images & attachments and I'd use it to try some things in test so that if it doesn't work out well, I don't ruin my primary database. For example, learning how to use the Clone functionality properly, or when manipulating images, or when working around bugs I find that haven't been fixed yet. Thanks David NOTE: I've asked about some of the items I would test in this forum, but have received no guidance on those issues. So its left to me to figure it out. A test db would help me determine answers without risk of corrupting my primary database whenever its necessary to do that.
  16. Hi Ron, I'm not certain of the cause of the error you list above, but the only time that I've seen that kind of error is when I have tried to enter text that contains an apostrophe in it. For example: User's Manual. HM will choke on the apostrophe and spit out an error usually. Try avoiding single quotes/apostrophes to see if this works around the bug. David
  17. I tried the check for update as you mention, but it is still broken from the last time that I contacted you. It just produces an error message and does not download anything. The error message is below: Error: Update information for HomeManage 2020 could not be downloaded. Please contact Liberty Street Software for help. My apologies!! I just noticed that I am still running version and have not applied the update. Is this the update that you are referring to? I think I didn't run the update because I wasn't sure if the setup process still deletes folders in the user profile start menu\programs folder. Another user outlined all the corruption he found and I recall finding the same thing on my machine. Has this problem been fixed?
  18. @admin, any news on what features or fixes to expect in the 2021 update? release timing? Thanks David
  19. @admin, any progress with this yet? Thanks, David
  20. I don't work for LibertyStreet and so I cannot speak to the design of HomeManage, but I can share what I've learned regarding font size. I have a 4k monitor (3840x2160) and the default font size of the interface is far too small to comfortably read for any length of time. I have noticed four distinct areas where fonts are used: The UI: the application user interface (menus, dialog boxes, "Locations", "Categories" and "View By" tree lists, Search box, Add Item, Image Captions, etc.) The Asset List: windows containing asset lists (default location is the top half of the app) The Summary Pane: the windows that contains the summary info for a selected asset (usually center lower area of app) The Comments section: the largest free text are of the summary panel From what I can tell, there is no setting within the application to adjust #1 above, the app user interface objects. The lists in #2 above can be adjusted in the app. This is the only area the app provides users a clear means to adjust. In HomeManage 2020, on the HomeManage Preferences dialog box, on the first tab (Preferences tab) at the bottom of the box is a section called "Font Size For Lists of Items" and it has a dropdown selection list in it that allows me to pick a font size from 10 to 36. No units are given for the numbers. Though the numbers appear to be familiar point sizes, from my experience, they don't behave that way. For example size 24 in HomeManage appears to be the same size as 11 pt. text in MS Word. There's also a note that says you must exit and restart the app for the change to take effect. There is no setting within the app to adjust the size of the text in the summary window. But I have found a way to temporarily increase the size of text in the window; it appears to behave like a browser web page (HTML-based): Move the mouse pointer to hover over the summary panel (the fields have gray background and the values have light blue background) Press and hold the Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse wheel (or Ctrl + numeric keypad "+" or "-") to adjust the text size either up or down. This change is not persistent and the next time you run the app, the text will retain its original size. Note also that the quality of the "zoomed" text is degraded as the kerning between letters is not adjusted consistently and the letterforms get a little distorted; however it is readable. Aside from using the Ctrl+Mouse method above, in the Comments section you can add HTML tags in the text to control the appearance of the text in many ways: size, font, font color, headings, bold, italics, paragraphs and more. This is highly customizable, but significant effort and perhaps impractical for most users. To learn about the tags, see W3School's reference at this link. Hope this is helpful. David
  21. Recently I ran the update check to see if there were updates available for HM2020 version and got the Update Error message: Error: Update information for HomeManage 2020 could not be downloaded. Please contact Liberty Street Software for help. See the graphic. What does this mean and how can I resolve it? Thanks, David
  22. What are the features you're focusing on for the HomeManage 2021 version?
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