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  1. I have the same issue with the toolbar -- it's gigantic and cannot be sized down. I'm running HomeManage 2020 on two Windows 10 20H2 machines, and this issue only happens on one of the machines. It's not clear why only one is impacted.
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    Seems like either way should work.
  3. @admin, any progress with this issue? Thank you David
  4. @admin, I submitted this issue quite a while ago and it is related to another issue I tagged you in. If you could address these I would appreciate it. Thank you David
  5. I added a couple entries in the item notebook for a monitor that was already in the database. There were already 5 notes in the notebook, thus making a total of 7 notes in the notebook for the monitor: one note on each day of Jan 16, 17, and 18 in 2018, 2 notes on October 24 and 2 notes on October 27 in 2020. I had no problems entering the notes into the notebook. But when I click OK on the notebook entry dialog and view the results on the main panel, only the last note shows. I thought maybe the older notes got deleted somehow, so I went back into the Notes dialog and all three notes are still there, just as I typed them. I've entered notes for other items (for example, for my car each time it is serviced), and not all notes show up on the main panel, but it has never been this extreme. Just now I checked and there are 37 notes for my car, but only 10 notes show up on the main panel. For the monitor I mentioned above, there are 7 notes in the database, but only 1 shows up on the main panel. I have mentioned this problem once before in this forum. Thanks for your attention David
  6. I mentioned this problem some time ago as well. I don't think I got a response. And I'm not sure how it got fixed, but somehow I'm on and it no longer attempts to "upgrade" me to Wish I could help more. 😞
  7. I've been wondering about that. I learned a bit more about the circumstances that may have contributed to this because it happened a second time on my laptop, where I had HomeManage 2018 installed -- all my image files deleted and my assets.mdb file overlaid with the default assets.mdb file! So I have a question. What will the installation program do in this scenario below: What happens if upon installation of HomeManage 2020 on a machine that has HomeManage 2018 already installed I choose NOT to have the application installed in the existing program folder (the existing program folder is called HomeManage 2018, so installing HomeManage 2020 into that folder seems like it could cause confusion down the road). Instead I allow the application to install in a new program folder called HomeManage 2020 on the same drive. I noticed that the 2020 installation application read all of my 2018 folder locations -- they were prepopulated into the corresponding folder locations in the installation program. The only folder location that was different was the program folder, which I allowed to remain HomeManage 2020. I proceeded with the install which ran to completion without error and without pause to ask me if I wanted to overwrite any files. It was after the installation was completed that I learned that yet again, it had deleted all my images and my assets.mdb file. In this scenario, does the installation program check for the existence of an assets.mdb file before it attempts to create the default assets.mdb file? I suspect it does not. If it does not, then creation of the default assets.mdb file would clobber any existing file with the same name in the target folder. That would explain how my file got deleted. Not sure how the image files would have been deleted, but they were deleted. I had to restore them in their original folder to get them back. TIA David
  8. In either the 2020 or 2019 version, the ability to add labels to images was added, which I very much appreciate! Thank you! I've been using that capability much to help identify what the image is and explain how/why it's important to the item it documents. I've found an issue with it that I don't have a solution for. The text description for the image is always black. If the image is also black in the spot where the text label will show up, the label is obscured because they are both the same (or close) color. Can this be remedied? One solution I thought of (don't know how possible it is) is to place a white outline around the black text so that no matter what color is underneath the label, it will show up. TIA David
  9. The setting in the subject can be found under the View menu, Customize item. In the dialog box, select the Toolbar tab and near the bottom on the right is a check box labeled Show text labels that enhances the toolbar buttons by placing short text labels beneath the icon. Very helpful for remembering what some of them do. However, this labeling goes away after I close the application. The next time I run it, the labels are not there and the setting has reverted to unchecked. Can this be fixed? TIA David
  10. Does no one use this capability? I did run into some quirks when using the Clone capability that caused me to rework some of my entries -- I'm still not certain those entries are ok. Does Clone (or any of the copy methods) leave lingering link between the original and the copy so that when an attribute (which attributes?) of the original is changed, the same attribute of the copy changes as well? Seems like there is some utility here, just having difficulty figuring it out. Help! TIA David
  11. This is great news, and I'm looking forward to this feature. Once it's here, that means I'll need to move all my attachments to the new Attachment folder. And that means that I'll need to manually edit hundreds of item records in HomeManage to tell it where the attachments were moved to. That will take hours of manual and tedious effort. Will you also provide a way to automate this process? TIA David
  12. The Font setting you mention only affects lists displayed in the app...it does not affect the size of the menu text, dialog box text or the main screen HTML window pane, which has a summary of the information for the selected item. All of these other UI (user interface) elements are painfully small to read on 4K monitors and they are not adjustable.
  13. Thanks for your reply. As it turns out, I have a Windows 10 laptop on which I had not installed HomeManage 2020 that I could check. I navigated to the Program directory and found the list of directories you posted above. Then, since these are all under the Start Menu folder, I wondered what the fate of any files/shortcuts in these subfolders was, so I copied the four folders to a network NAS so that I could copy them back down to my desktop machine. Turns out there were some shortcuts in those directories that were missing on my desktop -- in fact all the shortcuts in those folders were missing on the desktop. It looks like the HM2020 installation (or some other coincident process) didn't rename the folders, but deleted them and then incorrectly recreated them. There's no reason an install should do that and it doesn't make sense. So I'm at a loss understanding what might have happened. Below I've noted the shortcuts that were missing, by folder for anyone who wants to know: \Windows Accessories Internet Explorer Notepad \Windows Ease of Access Magnify Narrator On-Screen Keyboard \Windows PowerShell Windows PowerShell (x86) Windows PowerShell ISE (x86) Windows PowerShell ISE Windows PowerShell \Windows System Administrative Tools Command Prompt computer Control Panel File Explorer Run \Windows Administrative Tools -- this folder was empty David
  14. Lately I've been adding several hard disks to my inventory for my NAS. Since they are all practically the same except for serial number, manufacturing date, purchase location and cost and details like that, I've needed to enter basically the same information many times. So I noticed the Duplicate function on the context menu when right-clicking an item in the list. I also noticed the Clone function on the toolbar. I noticed that both of these have the same icon associated with them. Then I noticed on the Actions menu a Move/Copy Item(s)s... option. I didn't find explanations for these functions in the PDF manual or the help file. As I don't want to experiment with my data, a few questions came to mind about using these options which are apparently intended to allow copying an item in some fashion: What are the differences between Duplicate, Clone and Copy Items(s)? What is the use case for each option? When would you use them to maximum advantage? What if any drawbacks/limitations are there with each option? Anyone figure this out? Please share. Thanks in advance! David
  15. New feature suggestion: When creating a query after selecting a field to filter on, allow the user to select values for that field from a dropdown list of all possible values for the field. For example, if CATEGORY is the field, allow me to choose a category from a list of all possible categories rather than having to remember the category, spell and type it correctly. This would make the process of creating queries more foolproof. Second suggestion: make queries viewable and editable. David
  16. Looking for way to edit a group of duplicate items that I added to inventory without having to sort through the list of items in the room. I thought a query would be a good way to do this, and it probably still is. Except I created the query with the wrong category, and now I cannot edit the query to correct my mistake. I know I can just create a new query, but was wondering if there was a way to edit queries. I can imagine creating a complex query, making a mistake like the one I made (misspelling), and having no way to edit it, having to recreate it all over again. Is there a way to edit queries? David
  17. I have a NAS for which I bought several HDs (hard drives) of exactly the same brand (WD) and model (Red) but different capacities (10 or 12TB), and from three different vendors. I wanted to add the HDs to inventory with the proper product details such as order number, S/N, P/N, model, dealer, warranty, etc. as well as cost details. I created an item with all the this information in the designated fields, then linked the NAS unit as the parent item using the Linked Assets tab of the Item Properties dialog box. Then I duplicated the item several times. The duplicates were smart enough to blank out the S/N field so I could fill it in with the actual serial numbers; but unfortunately it unchecked the Insured and Taxable fields as well -- not the desired outcome. Not a huge problem and easily corrected. As not all of the HD are installed in the NAS (some are spare drives), I didn't want all of them linked to the NAS because that doesn't reflect their true status as spares. So I went to the Linked Assets tab, and in the Parent Asset with this item as a child box, I clicked on the only asset listed there (the NAS) which enabled the previously grayed out Unlink button, which I clicked. The NAS disappeared from the Parent Asset box and I clicked OK. But the Parent Asset still showed up in the summary pane to the left of the Images pane. I figured it might not have updated so I clicked on another asset, then back to the original asset, but the Parent Asset was still present. Then I opened the Item Properties box for the HD and on the Linked Assets tab, the NAS was listed as a Parent Asset, as if I had not unlinked it. I know no way to unlink the asset short of deleting the asset and creating it from scratch, which is a lot more work and which defeats the purpose of using Duplicate. Anyone know a work-around for this problem? Anyone else having trouble using the Duplicate feature? TIA David
  18. I attempted to put the words "Manufacturer's Limited" in the Warranty Type field on the Additional tab of the Item Properties dialog box and received a technical error. See below. I have noticed before that this error also happens when I try to put a single quote in the Description text box of the Add an Attachment dialog box. My guess is the single quote is a string delimiter in internal code and placing a single quote in a text entry confuses the code because of the special meaning of single quotes. The presence of of single quotes as text delimiters in the error message seems to support my theory. Should be easy enough to escape the single quote to fix this if I'm right. Also, if it fails in these two fields, I wonder what other fields and what other special characters (&, [, ], #, *, ", ., ?, etc.) will fail to accept a single quote (special character) in text. UPDATE: Just for giggles I tried adding the text "Manufacturer''s Limited" (note that I used 2 consecutive single quotes between the r and s, not a double quote) in the Warranty Type field and the text was accepted without error. I think this verifies the nature of the single quote issue and points out how to escape it simultaneously. But I found something else odd. After accepting my entry, I opened the dialog box again and in the Warranty Type field there was only one single quote (the desired outcome). After closing the dialog box, I noticed on the lower left display pane on the main form that the Warranty Type field displays "Manufacturer''s Limited" with two single quotes rather than just one. Very odd and not the desired outcome. David
  19. I haven't had the problem with field changes not being saved, but on my laptop, which now runs Windows 10 1909, the program does crash when I click on the Item Pictures tab of the Item Properties dialog box. It's really odd as there are no error messages, the window doesn't freeze or stutter, it simply disappears. Since it's a Jet database (MS Access), I sometimes have to delete the lock file assets.ldb in the same dir as assets.mdb.
  20. FlyingBear thanks for the post. I wasn't aware of the issue you mention, so I checked my machine and sure enough, there are several directories in the Programs subdir under Roaming that are empty and have Modified dates that are exactly the same date and time of the HomeManage 2020 dir. So apparently the install process changed these subdirectories. The ones I've noticed include these: Accessibility Accessories System Tools Windows PowerShell I don't have another Windows 10 1909 machine to compare directory names, so I cannot tell what the names should be. I wonder if you could point me to where on Microsoft's site I can find the new names of these directories so that I can change them back to what they should be. I also wonder if any directories are missing; since the source of the problem apparently hasn't been identified, I have no way to know for sure. Thanks David PS: It would also be helpful to know if the subdirectory names changed in one of the Windows 10 updates or if all Windows 10 installations use the new names.
  21. I had the same experience creating a subfolder under home manage and it didn't get backed up. I'll take your advice and move the folder under the Data folder to see if I get the same results. Good tip! Thanks David
  22. Following the directions on the install process, I upgraded HM2019 to HM2020 by supplying the same directory information for the 2020 upgrade as I was using for the 2019 version. The application installed into the old program directory with no issues. However the installation process deleted my Assets.mdb data file and all images in my AssetImages folder and replaced both with the stock demo Assets.mdb data file and the accompanying 2 images. This is an outrageous upgrade process! This would have been DISASTROUS has I not had backups of the data file and the images available through Windows 10 recovery. When I pointed the installation to the old program directory, it read the Assets.mdb file to find the location of the Data, AssetImages, and Reports directories, automatically filled them into the appropriate installation fields, then happily deleted everything in those folders with no warning or notification. It's just inconceivable that the installation process would go through the trouble of reading the old Assets.mdb file to determine the old file locations, to then delete all of them!! I also find that no images appear in the main window next to the AssetNum. field like they use to. Dunno what happened to them -- even with the black bars that use to plague those images, they were still helpful in identifying assets quickly by image. Is this a bug? It appears so. In version 2019, the exact same data setup had no issue with the images displaying in the main window. Hoping I don't regret this upgrade, but I'm already headed in that direction. David
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