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  1. Allowing us to resize the Preferences and Item Properties and Notebook dialog boxes would make it data entry easier, quicker and more legible. Also would like to see different behavior for the Enter and Return keys while the cursor is in description fields. These keys should not trigger the OK button and close the dialog box when the cursor is in long text fields where using carriage returns helps to clarify item descriptions and Notebook descriptions.
  2. With the large screens that are affordable and available now, the size of the font in the application is difficult to read (for example on 4K monitors). This request is to allow users to manually choose font size of the screen text elements in the UI and to allow dialog box re-sizing of special popups like the Preferences, Item Properties and Add Items dialog boxes. This will ease or eliminate eye strain on higher DPI monitors.
  3. I've noticed that often the thumbnail images of assets in the asset list pane (top pane on the right) will have black bars added above and below the thumbnail image, though the image that I supplied to the application does not contain those black bars. These black bars never overlay the thumbnail, but they obscure the image so much that sometimes its difficult to tell what the image is. Note that I have noticed black bars on the left and right sides of thumbnail images as well, though the original images had no such bars. The combination together makes for a screen of thumbnails that are hard to discern. Also, the thumbnails are very tiny on my 4K monitor, but that's another matter (feature request: allow specifying the size of the thumbnails in Preferences, or auto-size them using monitor DPI).
  4. With the prominence of modern large screens and high DPI, screen real estate is no longer so limited. When running the application full screen, there is plenty of room to allow selected fields (non-memo, non-comment fields) to auto-size themselves so that word-wrapping or word-clipping is not necessary, and excessive space used for smaller fields is wasteful. But a feature that auto-sizes the columns based on content would be very helpful in reviewing the database contents within the application asset panel.
  5. Another issue with images related to this one happens when I use work-around #1 above. Sometimes the application creates a new thumbnail image that is smaller than the original thumbnail was, despite the fact that the image I'm using to replace the old image is higher quality and larger (more pixels) than the older image. The only work-around I've found for that issue is to delete the THUMB image file from the image folder and let the application recreate it.
  6. Occasionally when adding assets to the database, I use a low quality image with the asset just to complete the process of adding the asset to the database. Later I may find a higher quality image that i would like to replace the lower quality image. Sometimes the application will not let me delete this image, if it is the first image for the asset. I haven't seen an issue deleting second, third, fourth, etc. images, just the first one. And the issue is sporadic, so it doesn't always happen. My work around is usually one of two methods: manually delete the image file from the image folder, then add the high-quality image to the asset through the app interface manually delete the image file and rename the high-quality image file using the old image's filename (the app is closed while doing this)
  7. I should also mention that I am not sure how there are 2 "User Date Field 1" entries above.
  8. I've created 2 user-defined date fields to capture shipped date and received date in HM 2017. When adding an asset I attempted to put a two-digit day in the day part of the field and when pressing the second digit of the day, the cursor advances to the next field (year) and places the number I typed in the year field. The same phenomenon happens when I try to use a two-digit month -- the second digit of the month gets placed in the day field. Is this a bug or something about the configuration I have created? TIA David
  9. As a secondary request -- a feature request rather than bug check -- it would be nice if it were possible to associate some user-defined fields in such a way that the value for one field is used as the label for the the associated field. For example, in the example above this would mean that when an asset is selected that uses the associated user-defined fields described above, in the preview window below the selection pane, the value in the "Field 1 Name" would appear as the field name, and the value in the "Field 1 Value" would appear as the value that field. To make it concrete, suppose an item has these values for the user-defined fields, and say "Field 1 Name" is an associated field of "Field 1 Value" and so on. The the data below would appear in the application preview window like standard fields do:
  10. I use several user-defined fields to track information about my assets. Of them, I use 6 text fields to allow me a choice for unique field names per asset. For example, I have created the following user-defined text fields: User Field 20 is labeled "Field 1 Name" User Field 21 is labeled "Field 1 Value" User Field 22 is labeled "Field 2 Name" User Field 23 is labeled "Field 2 Value" User Field 24 is labeled "Field 3 Name" User Field 25 is labeled "Field 3 Value" When creating a new asset, fields 20 - 24 above show up in the "Custom Fields" tab (which I renamed from "User Fields") of the Item Properties dialog box, but field 25 does NOT show up. This appears to be a bug. Can you verify or point out what I'm doing that's causing the issue? TIA David From the screenshot above, you can see that "Field 3 Value" is missing from the input dialog box.
  11. As I have used the software over the years, backing up the database and image files has been a good practice. However there are other documents that I typically have linked to asset records which are vital for maintenance or other purposes. The issue is that the application does not allow me to store those documents within the program's data directories, which makes backing up the contents (everything associated/linked to an asset) a tedious task, since I would have to go to each asset's links to find the location of the documents that I've linked to that asset to back them up. Restoring would be equally as tedious. So I've resorted to a manual solution that keeps all associated documents in a "Documents" folder at the same level as the "Images" folder in the folder hierarchy. For any asset that I want to link documents to, I create a subdirectory with the asset's asset number and place the documents I want to link to that asset in the folder. I then open properties for the asset and link the documents in the new folder to the asset. The advantage is clear. When I want to backup the database, I only have to select one folder and everything is backed up. Would such a feature be universally appealing enough to add it to the application? An add on to that feature would be to allow me to locate the document I want to link to, but have a checkbox option to make the application copy the file into a hierarchy as described above, thus containing all linked documents under one parent (or grandparent, etc.) folder. Thanks for considering this David
  12. Has there been any progress on this issue? When is the update (or new version?) expected? Thanks David
  13. The Flic scanner (bought at Collectorz.com for their software) seems to work very well with HomeManage.
  14. Hi SailorGuy, No this issue was never resolved. Unlike previous updates, if you want to apply this update, you’ll be forced to install a second installation on drive C:. The update ignores all other local drives you may have and provides no option to manually specify a different drive. You can try installing the update and check to see if it recognizes where your data file are automatically. But if you want to change where your data files are, then the backup and reinstall solution seems the smarter way to go.
  15. SailorGuy, I had the same result with the most recent update. Since experiencing the issue earlier this year (March), there seems to have been no progress in correcting the issue, despite the comments above made by the admin. Unfortunate, but my guess is folks who install the app anywhere but the default location are in the minority, and so we perhaps may get no solution. I hope I’m wrong. I’ve found no work-around. Also, the admin suggests that the location in the registry is where the app should install, though he doesn’t mention where in the registry (HKCU, HKLM?). I searched the registry for both HomeManage and LibertyStreet and found multiple entries, but none of them contained the default path on C: drive; so it seems that the install location is hard-coded into the install, leaving us no option to update our installations properly.
  16. I have an issue with the update that downloads when I select the Check for Updates.. option on the Help menu. After clicking the option, I get the prompt from the O/S to allow the update process to run. I click yes. The HomeManage 2017 Update dialog box pops up and I click next and it tells me that there is a newer version of HomeManage 2017. I click next again. A download of HM2017Up.exe proceeds to completion, followed by the next dialog that states the March 4, 2017 update is a free update and the usual boilerplate about closing all apps before updating. I do so, then click Next and I agree to the terms of the license, then click Next again. It is on this box that the update informs me that it will install the update into C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeManage. The problem is that my installation of HomeManage is NOT on the C: drive and I don't want it there. It is on the E: drive. However there is no option apparent on the dialog box to tell the update process to install the update in a different location. How can I update my installation of HomeManage with the March update? TIA David
  17. I have HomeManage 2011 and have beenusing it for years to inventory home items. The version I bought and installed was version running on Windows 7 (64-bit). Just today I saw there was an update on the LibertyStreet site, so I downloaded it and installed it on top of my existing installation. The update is version, and it apparently fixes a few cosmetic issues in the software. When I attempt activate the software, it asks for my product key. I had saved the product key from my original installation of When I supply the original product key in the TurboActivate popup window, it complains that "You must enter a valid product key before activating online. Check your product key, and type it again." How can I activate the software? Thanks David
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