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  1. I found that I can create my own Status by simply typing in the field for this and that's nice, but how can I remove those I'm not going to use?
  2. It's the site of this forum that comes up with this warning. Your main page does not.
  3. Hi, it's not meant to be an accusation, I only refer to the info that comes up when I visit your site.
  4. Norton Security tells me that this site in not safe and that I should not log in to it. I hope you are going to do something about this security-issue.
  5. After paying for and installing an upgrade to 2018 from 2014, I can not use the application without changing Windows settings to dollars or euros, but my system is in Norwegian kroner (kr) and is the one I use. I've tried to change a lot of settings to make it work, but it's not possible. As soon as I do not have default settings for dollars or euros, I get the "Please enter a currency" error message. The error message appers as soon as I try to edit an item or save a new one. For example the amount 100 appears as "k100,,00" instead of "kr 100,00". I'd like the amounts to appear without any kind of currency and without being ruled by my windows settings. Is there a way to disable this currency function? ?
  6. Where have all the admins gone... long time passing... - The only admin I find in the member list has been offline since Jul 29 2014 09:08 PM. Where are you, Paul Dembowski ? Nice program, but there are members here in need for some support.
  7. I have repeatedly chosen where I want my backup files to be saved, but the choice is not saved. The other location choices is saved, but not this one. Whats wrong ?
  8. I just bought this program, but discover that I really miss being able to make sub-locations/sub-folders. We have several buildings and several rooms in each building, but in several of the rooms we have several cabinets - and I would like to have the cabinets as one and one sub-location. How can I achieve this in a structured way?
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