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  1. Here is my issue: Lets assume I have inventoried items such as 10 x Wrenches, Adjustable; 10 x Screwdrivers, Flathead; 10 x Screwdriver, Phillips; 10 x Screws, Metal, 3/4", #8 and I want to create a kit that contains them called "Maintenance Kit". If I go to Linked Assets under "Maintenance Kit" and set the above inventoried assets as child assets to the "Maintenance Kit" all is well. However, I have yet to find a way to set a specific number of the child assets to place in the kit and to subtract that number from the initial child asset quantity, In other words, I would like to inventory 10 Wrenches, Adjustable. When I create a "Maintenance Kit" with a child asset of 1 Wrenches, Adjustable, I would like to add JUST ONE Wrenches Adjustable to the "Maintenance Kit" and subtract that ONE Wrenches, Adjustable from the quantity at hand for the 10 Wrenches, Adjustable that are currently inventoried. I would also like to be able to return that ONE Wrenches, Adjustable back to the initially inventoried set and/or set that ONE Wrenches, Adjustable as destroyed, damaged, etc. Is this possible? If not, I am afraid that our company will not be able to use AssetManage; we were hoping to purchase the $3995.00 Enterprise Site License but I cannot justify that purchase if AssetManage cannot provide this type of kit-building mechanism. Thanks much for any help you can provide!
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