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  1. Hi there Slowly but surely managing my collection is becoming rather chaotic. I suppose it has to do with the database whenever updating coinmanage. My problem (was already posted some time ago, but the post seems to have disappeared) is that after an update, the default value table is set to the specific update. If I want to have values entered automatically, I always have to use the Tools/Preferences/Values option to set it to my value table. Every time I start the application, the value table is set back to the new default (currently 2018), of course displaying no values. It happened with the 2016, 2017, and now the 2018 update. I collect neither US, UK or Canada coins, but have to manage my own data, pictures, and values. Is there any way by which I could choose my default value option not having to change it manually every time I start coinmanage? Any support is welcome ... Thanks, Edgar
  2. HI After having upgraded to CoinManage 2017 I have to keep setting the default value table manually to my own table every time I start CoinManage. Since my areas of collection are not part of the CM defaults, I have my private table with values (named "MyTable2015" when I started using CoinManage. When I open the programme, the values section in "preferences" is always set to 2017. When I set it to MyTable2015 I get the proper values listed. When I open the programme the next time, the Values are set to 2017 again, and no values are displayed (because, of course, there are none). How can I set the Values to MyTable2015 permanently, so that I don't have to enter it manually every time I use CoinManage? Thanks for any advice and best regards Edgar
  3. Hi Admin I am experiencing some ot the troubles I had before when opening CoinManage. I just updated to the new May version of 2017, hoping that would solve the problem ... but it doesn't. 1. When I start CoinManage the registration dialog opens (although my copy is registered and licensed) 2. When I click on "Activate Purchased License Code", TurboActivate returns an Activation Error. 3. After clicking on "Finish", the programme opens and everything seems OK (until the next time I start CoinManage) Is there anything I can do to solve this problem. It isn't critical, just annoying. Kind regards Edgar
  4. Indeed you did make a remote with this customer . It was challenging, but absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much for the live support ... it solved my immediate problem and, additionally, at least an answer to my backup problem. My relief was huge, when I was able to "restore" the 166 coins missing by checking and referencing to a correct/existing coin type in the database. They are back in all their splendour. The backup problem may well be due to the size of the pictures: Currently there are 16524 images used with a total size of approx. 4.5 GB in my collection. And it is quite easy to work around the direct backup function by manually backing up both the database and the image folder. Thanks to admin and to whoever was on the other side of live support - you have made me one happy customer again
  5. I did send the email this morning (09:33, CET), but I sent it again just now. I will try to contact your live support online.
  6. Mail sent ... Leaves me with the question, whether there is any chance regarding the coins entered and existing in the database but not displayed anymore?
  7. Hi admin Thanks for the immediate response. Am I supposed to attach anything to or write anything in the e-mail? Or is the e-mail just to ensure that I am not a robot? With respect to a newer version: I am currently running CoinManage USA 2017 and just recently updated to the latest version. If my backup problem is fixed (hoooray), what about my second problem, the data loss? Regards erb-57
  8. Hi Ever since using CoinManage I am experiencing problems with the backup function. Whenever I want to backup my collection, the programm does the following: The dialog to enter the backup location opens After directing to my backup folder the backup runs There is no backup file created in the designated folder, instead the current COINDESC.MDB is overwritten with a MDB-file, e.g. "COINDATA-02_24_2017_08_33_5102_24_2017_08_33_51.MDB". In consequence, the software returns an error "File:'...\COINDESC.MDB' not found" and can not be closed. I had reported this problem by e-mail to Liberty Street support when I started using CoinManage over a year ago, but never received a solution (actually, I didn't even receive a reply). I did find out, that renaming the file back to COINDESC.MDB resolves the error problem, but I have to backup my collection data by storing copies of the original COINDESC.MDB file manually. Because I received no answer, I refrained from troubling support again. However, my problem has now raised additional issues. I tried the backup function with the new version of the software, but it failed again. After I renamed the backup fil to COINDESC.MDB a complete denomination category was missing, and if this can not be remedied, I will lose at least two full weeks of work (my last manual backup). I checked the entries (ID) in the CM2001MAINCOLLECTION table, and the coins are still there in the table. I also checked the images folder, and the image files also are still there. I recreated the denomination, but the items did not reappear. Is there any way to reactivate the entries in the MDB file, by reassigning them to a still visible or a new denomination? Any help (except "impossible") would be most welcome. Regards erb-57
  9. Thanks for the swift response. For (sub-)varieties I see several possibilities of adding the information. 1. There are two general types of alignment: (a) medal orientation (e.g. in British coinage) and (b) coin orientation (e.g. in US coinage). To add this information a radio button (either/or) would be sufficient. One of the two would need to be set as default. 2. Coin orientation is also specified as die rotation between obverse and reverse in degrees. Especially for numismatists collecting "error" coins, a combo box or spinning field allowing to set rotation between 0 (medal alignment) and 359 (1° die rotation, ccw) would be helpful. For coin alignment you would have to set the field to 180°. This however implies setting medal orientation as standard, which might upset collectors of coin aligned coinage. (However, this problem could be overcome by being able to set 0° or 180° as default for entries in the preferences section.) 3. Since not all collectors take the same view on alignement or use the same notation, a text field to manually specify die rotation would leave users to decide how to specify. As long as the field can be added as column (for sorting) or be searched, it would be up to the user to remain consistent when entering rotation. I wouldn't dare propose the best solution for everyone. However, I would prefer the second solution with a numeric spinning field allowing for manual input, because this would accommodate most cases. Thanks for your consideration ... I am really looking forward to this feature.
  10. I searched the forum, but was unable to find the topic ... I collect coins that come in quite a number of subvarieties differing in properties such as size, weight, composition. Because most of thes properties are defined on the level of type (not on the level of variety), I help myself using the variety description and the Comments field. In consequence, both fields tend to get somewhat full and cluttered. There is one coin property, however, that I sorely miss for description: coin orientation or coin alignment. Would it be possible to include a field to distinguish between coin alignment and medal alignment on the variety info tab (a radio button comes to mind)? That would help a lot, especially if it could be used as a column for sorting when displaying types. Thanks for any response
  11. I am trying to create a simple custom report that includes the following information (fields) in the data line: Coin.Year, Coin.Mint, Coin.Type, Coin.Variety, Values.VG, Values.F, Values.VF, Values.EF, Values.AU, Values.UNC. This would enable me to print a wantlist for browsing at a seller with values differentiated by grade. I have tried using the Values.AllValues Field, but that is just too cramped to be practical. Now, the problem I am facing is that all «Values.XX» fileds return a uniform 10.00 value. How do I get the correct values per grade for coins? As a request: Is it possible to publish a list of fields that can be used when creating reports? I have found nothing under «help» and stumbled across the Values.XX fields simply by chance.
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