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  1. Hi I have added a number of vehicles, but can't find them in the location that I have assigned. (see below) Yet, when I when I go to view>Vehicles, I can see the list It seems as though vehicles are not considered Assets. Shouldn't I be able to see vehicles by Location? Thanks,
  2. I just upgraded to version and my webcam is now working.
  3. When I try to use my webcam for image capture, it only shows a black screen and when I try to "Take Snapshot" I get the error message below. My webcam (Logitech 920) works fine with other applications. I do notice that the blue light on my webcam doesn't come on with HomeManage, but it does with other applications (eg Skype), so it looks like something isn't right between HomeManage and the Webcam. I cannot find any documentation or blog posts on setting up the webcam with HomeManage, or troubleshooting this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Initial Image when clicking on WebCam button in the toolbar Result if clicking on Take Snapshot Here is the image when Stop Capture is clicked
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