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  1. As the admin said you may be scanning an item that is not yet in the database. I have that happen as well. I use a Cilico CT80, but I do not think there is an issue with the scanner itself. Usually if I find one that doesn't have info, I'll retype the code in manually, just in case the scanner misread something.
  2. Is 2020 the first version you have used? I've been using Home Manage since 2006, hopefully it's not an issue with the data being converted into 2020.
  3. Live chat has not been available for at least 2 years
  4. Yet another problem with 2020, hopefully someone from support will address this. When changing the location for an asset and hitting OK, it does not save the new location but reverts back to the original. This is a pretty big issue. Same issue happens when trying to change dates on an asset, the new dates do not save. What I'm finding now is that any change you make to an asset does not save, including category, location, dates,etc. Please fix this major issue.
  5. I’m running HomeManage 2020 version and when I try and preview various standard reports (Expense Report, Maintenance Report, Notebook Items Report, Purchases Report), I receive a syntax error: If I hit enter, the same error pops up with a different asset number and cannot get the report to preview. What could be causing this and how do we fix it?
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