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  1. Under view by, the columns appear to be using the "By Collection" preferences, but aren't showing the "Stamp Type". Is this something that can be fixed?
  2. I was able to figure out that there are multiple entries that mean the same thing, and others that you wish you had. I figured out that to "fix" it, I went to the View By section and selected all the ones that had "mistyped" names, changed my stamps to use the more logical entry, then deleted the ones that had typos. In some cases, I just used properties to fix the typo. I now have a clean pull-down list for my stamps that works easily.
  3. In the View By queries... "By Stamp Value" Can we change the title of that section to "Value"? And maybe alphabetize all the queries so they reflect the field name on the properties form? Can the "low value" query be simply titled "Value less than 25c" and maybe a "Value less than $1" [or 2 or 5] Can the query sort by value when it's displayed?
  4. Let's add some feature requests in one place where staff can find them easily.
  5. Let people know that to remove things from the pull down menus all you have to do is go to the "View By" section; Select the high level item (sometimes you have to figure out where it is and what name it goes by) and then right click on the items in the list. Or, you can change the names to something that makes more sense. Of course, you should also let them know which values they can't change / add to without impacting important queries.
  6. You need more information under "Create a New Collection" (title of index entry should be "Collections - Creating" so everything collection related is next to each other. Same for things under the Tools menu. (but please don't add an entry for each line item, only for each separator group.) Include when or why you might want to add a collection (not just the steps). 1) To organize your collection by areas of interest, 2) To differentiate Value Databases (not sure why you would, but You also need a Collections - Delete index entry. When / Why you might want to.
  7. "Apply Values to Collections" Select Tools > Apply Values to Collection(s) The Apply Values dialog appears. Select the collection* you want to use. Select "Set unfound values to 0.00" (see below) Select "Overwrite user entered** values Click OK Unfound Values - There is no grade specified (is that what it means?) Overwrite user entered values - If you manually enter a value, it will not be overwritten. * 'Value database' is an internal label not on the screen. If it's not on the screen you can't reference it. ** 'User specified' is a techie term, not user-friendly, and doesn't .
  8. This topic is for entering requests for Help File Updates
  9. 1054c in the database shows with Variety of imperforate and NH-VF at $2,954.25 and Mint-VF $2,925.00) However 1054c is variety - Coil 10 perf, wet printing, large holes Issued 10/8/1954. Value is ordinary. When I tried to update the information, it told me that nothing had changed. Current Value is correct, but displaying the record still shows the old values at the bottom, underneath.
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