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Found 2 results

  1. I note that when you add a new item to HomeManage it assigns the same number to AssetNum and HomeManageID. However, if you Duplicate an asset, and if there are unused AssetNums (because you deleted assets), it does not. I don't think that this inconsistency was intended. I suggest that when you Duplicate an asset that HomeManage should assign the same number to the new asset's AssetNum and HomeManageID. I have not thoroughly researched and repeated this bug, but here is what I think is happening. Let's use a hypothetical example. Suppose that I have 197 assets numbered from 2-93 and 95-104, and 106-200. Assets 1, 94 and 105 were deleted, so there are no assets with those AssetNums nor HomeManageIDs. My guess of what is happening when you Duplicate an asset is that the program assigns the next number in sequence using Access for HomeManageID, but assigns the first unused AssetNum which is greater than the AssetNum of the duplicated item to the new asset. Using my example, if I duplicated item 50 the program would assign HomeManageID 201 and AssetNum 94 to the new item it created. Please keep in mind that this is just a theory based on which AssetNums I saw were assigned to the new assets I created using Duplicate. I discovered this problem days after-the-fact when I was trying to match photos to assets and discovered that the photo numbers didn't match the AssetNums for a few items in my database. I remembered that I created those assets using Duplicate and confirmed that there were no duplicate AssetNums in my database, meaning HomeManage assigned unused AssetNums to Duplicates it created. I have not actually verified that this happens every time you Duplicate an item nor have I determined the algorithm for assigning the new AssetNum. I note that AssetNum 1 wasn't assigned to any of the duplicated items, yet is unused in my database. This is why I am guessing that the AssetNum assigned to the new items is an unused number greater than the AssetNum of the item being duplicated.
  2. Although when you create a new item the AssetNum is set equal to the HomeManageID, it is possible for the user to change the AssetNum at which point they will not be the same. Since the asset images are numbered using HomManagID,some users will find it useful to see the HomeMangeID instead of or in addition to the AssetNum. For example, I was browsing the images in my AssetImages folder, and wanted to add some information to the asset tied to the photo named Asset123(1).jpg. I couldn't find the asset, since I was not aware that the asset with HomeManageID 123 had an AssetNum of 35. Ultimately I had to open the Access database to figure out what was going on.
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