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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a recommend photo size for uploading an asset photo? When I attach a photo I get a smaller image on a large black background. I have guessed at resizing the image but do not see any change. Here is what I see: UPDATE: The photo was a TIF. I changed it to a JPG and it now fills the entire screen. I tested with another TIF and found same result. But in the process I discovered another issue. Although I click on an image and select "Delete", the image disappears but reappears when I close the software and come back for a new session. Why is it not staying deleted? I will try deleting the file on my hard drive.
  2. When you permanently delete an asset, HomeManage does not delete the asset's images and Thumbnails from the AssetImages folder. I am not sure if there is a scenario where the user might want to keep the images, even though the assets have been deleted. In that case, whether or not HomeManage deletes the images when an item is permanently deleted could be set in the Preferences.
  3. HomeManage version I am adding new items using images to a room. The assets in the room are sorted by AssetNum. If the first asset in the room (i.e. the asset with the smallest AssetNum.) has more than 2 images, then every item I add to the room shows the second photo of the first asset along with the photo of the asset I just added. For example, suppose the first asset in the room (AssetNum 200) is a painting and photo 1 is the front of the painting and photo 2 is the back of the painting. Now suppose I add a table to the room (AssetNum 225) and it has a single photo of the table. Immediately after I add the table using Add Items using Images, HomeManage shows the new item with the thumbnail of the table (AssetNum 225) on the left and the thumbnail of the back of the painting (AssetNum 200) on the right. If I click on the thumbnail of the back of the painting HomeManage opens the appropriate full size image for Asset 200. If I move the curser in the asset list to another asset, say Asset 224, and then move it back to Asset 225, then I only get one thumbnail for Asset 225, as expected. This only happens if the first asset in the list has more than one photo. I don't believe that the "first" asset with multiple photos has to be under the cursor before adding the new item for the bug to appear, since in practice the cursor is over the item most recently added when adding a new item. I have not fully documented/tested the following variations of this bug, but from recollection, if the new asset has two photos, then the phantom extra thumbnail shows up as photo 3 for the new item, but the extra thumbnail is still of photo 2 for the first item. Also from recollection, I tried sorting the asset list so the first item in the new sort order doesn't have more than photo, and this "fixes" the bug (and vice versa if the first asset in the new sort order has more than one photo).
  4. I've been trying out your sofware and really like it, except there is a recurring problem with images that makes me have second thoughts about continuing to use the software. The software seems to intermittently lose track of the images. For example, if I use Add Items Using Images... I go through a dozen or so entries (each with one or maybe two photos), then at the end of it find that all the items have been added, but no images are there. Is there a processing delay? Am I trying to enter too many at a time? Am I going too fast? Also, often when I go to the Add Imge button, various images in the folder fail to show in the preview, and then fail to attach to the entry. Occasionally I can find an image that does show a preview, then go back to the failing one and then it works. Occasionally it seems like all or most of my images have been lost, not visible in the main preview window and not found in the record itself, though the thumbnails are visible and the photos remain in the storage folder. Occasionally restarting the program seems to help, but not always. Is there some way to fix this problem or at least somehow avoid it? I'd like to make sure this is something I can live with before investing all the effort to catalog many more items.
  5. When I add items with images I am usually continuing to add items using images from the same folder or a folder near to the one I previously used to add items. I would like the program to remember which location was last used to add images, like when you select Load Image from the Item Picture(s) dialog. Actually, I would be satisfied if both options remembered the same "last used" folder, since for me it is the same one.
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