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Found 2 results

  1. Only once when I edited a photo did the thumbnail update after I edited the photo. I noticed at the time when the thumbnail did update that I edited the photo using Paint, while now I am editing it using my default editor which is Irfanview. I don't know if the difference in behavior is due to the program being used for editing. After editing an image I press OK on the Item Properties dialog with the Item Picture(s) tab selected, hoping that this will trigger an update to the thumbnail. I also tried selecting another tab before pressing OK, but this did not fix the problem. I notice that after editing that the image on the Item Picture(s) tab does not change, even if I select another tab and go back to the Item Picture(s) tab. It only changes on the Item Picture(s) tab if I save the item and then re-open it. The only way I have found to force the thumbnail to regenerate (other than to regenerate all of the thumbnails from the Tools menu) is to reopen the asset, and then copy the image and paste it back on itself. However, since HomeManage reduces the quality of images when they are loaded or pasted (I can see the reduction in file size), this manipulation reduces the quality of the jpg. Since the image I am editing is an image which HomeEdit has already reduced in quality, this adds up to three reductions in quality, (one by HomeManage when I originally loaded the image, one by IrfanView when I edit the image, and another by HomeManage when I copy and pase the image). How does HomeManage know if the image has been edited? Does it use the file date? Hash code? Perhaps if I knew this I could take an action to make HomeManage recognize that the image has changed so it will regenerate the thumbnail. Ideally, HomeManage should be able to detect if the image was changed after the thumbnail was last generated, and regenerate the thumbnail when required. As a second choice, I would like the ability to regenerate the thumbnails for just one asset to fix cases of missing or mismatched thumbnails.
  2. I am adding items using Add Items using Images and I like the first image to be the overall picture of the item, and sometimes I have additional pictures with details, such as with a signature on a painting. If it so happens that the detail picture is "before" the overall picture in alphabetical order; e.g. the signature is in IMG0001 and the overall photo is in IMG0002, then HomeManage makes IMG0001 image 1 for the asset and IMG0002 the second image, even if I select them in the opposite order before adding the new item. Regardless of how images come to be in the wrong order, I can see users wanting to be able to reorder them. One way I see to be able to change the order is to edit the Item, Clear both images, and import them one at a time in the order I want them. I think I might be able to use copy and paste to re-order the images, but it looks like it could be a lot of work if there are already several images and you want to insert one. I suggest that you allow the user to drag the tabs to reorder the images. Alternatively, add some arrows to the dialog to allow the user to shift the image tab left or right. Question: Can I just renumber the files in AssetImages to get the order I want? E.g., swap Asset74(1).jpg with Asset74(2).jpg? Do I need to swap the THUMB files, too, or can I just delete them and then HomeManage will regenerate them? Do I need to explicitly run Create Thumbnails for All Images?
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