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Found 1 result

  1. CM2015 Deluxe has been working great since I purchased it in mid March 2016. It just started crashing when I try to add a coin, any coin, to my collection, from any area. Either from the database, or from the sets I am adding it to or from the collections I am adding to. The same thing happens when I click on and open the Coin Properties Window. Once I open the Add a Coin Window or Coin Properties Window, after a few seconds, a crash window will pop up. I did create a variety a few days ago but it has been working fine since I added those varieties on some mint souvenir sets that were not in the database. I reviewed the help topics and found where I should remove the HEADERS.WCD file but that did not fix it. It recreates that file when I go back and check to see if it is still deleted. Which I guess it is supposed to. I also tried reinstalling the program but it is still crashing when trying to add a coin. I could not get this screenshot to upload or attach so here is a dropbox link to the error I am getting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/asv84bn6wl9nz2b/Screenshot%202016-05-06%2009.34.03%202.jpg?dl=0
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