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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for suggestions for setting up assets that have multiple components to cost. For example: Purchase a print for $200, Have it framed for another $300. I have receipts for both elements and would scan them into the system. I can just set up $500 in the Total Cost field and view the images to see the components but I would like to use the Notebook or user fields to reflect the individual costs while having the Total Cost field reflect the sum,. Can this be done or there recommended approaches? Similar question: I would like to confirm that the Quantity field is not used in cost calculations. i.e. there is no Unit Cost field, only the total cost. I converted data moving unit cost into Base Cost and Total Cost into Total Cost. For example qt=5 base cost=10 and total cost=50. I believe that is incorrect and I should reconvert, ignoring my old system's Unit Cost.
  2. Recent question from a customer regarding cost columns: === QUESTION In the program data there is a column called cost. I am trying to print a report and add it to that column but there is no option for that. === ANSWER The reporting has the following fields: Asset.BaseCost Asset.Tax1 Asset.Tax2 Asset.TotalCost These fields correspond to the cost fields you will see in the Add Stamp dialog.
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