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Found 4 results

  1. I searched for this and couldn't find it so decided to create a new post.We've been using Asset Manage standard for about 9 years and have about 1500 assets in our database. We've never really had an issues until recently when I found that clicking on either specific employees or assets that belong to those employees causes the application to crash within seconds. It comes up with a notice window; Other staff work perfectly fine. I'm hoping there is some sort of "compress" database function that might simply repackage files and do some error checking. Cheers,
  2. A customer just called and was experiencing crashes when starting CoinManage 2017. He is in IT and figured out a workaround. Basically, you run the program TURBOACTIVATE.EXE the will be found in the same folder as COINMANAGE.exe usually: \\Program Files\CoinManage or \\Program Files (x86)\CoinManage when you run TURBOACTIVATE.EXE it will ask for the CoinManage license code. Enter the code and exit. Then run CoinManage again you should no longer experience the crash. We are working on a new build that will fix this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. CM2015 Deluxe has been working great since I purchased it in mid March 2016. It just started crashing when I try to add a coin, any coin, to my collection, from any area. Either from the database, or from the sets I am adding it to or from the collections I am adding to. The same thing happens when I click on and open the Coin Properties Window. Once I open the Add a Coin Window or Coin Properties Window, after a few seconds, a crash window will pop up. I did create a variety a few days ago but it has been working fine since I added those varieties on some mint souvenir sets that were not in the database. I reviewed the help topics and found where I should remove the HEADERS.WCD file but that did not fix it. It recreates that file when I go back and check to see if it is still deleted. Which I guess it is supposed to. I also tried reinstalling the program but it is still crashing when trying to add a coin. I could not get this screenshot to upload or attach so here is a dropbox link to the error I am getting. https://www.dropbox.com/s/asv84bn6wl9nz2b/Screenshot%202016-05-06%2009.34.03%202.jpg?dl=0
  4. When I try to install StampManage 2015 upgrade I get an error stating: "Encountered a sharing violation while accessing C:\Windows\system32\cmct20.dll." StampManage2015Crash.doc
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