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Found 3 results

  1. I have a NAS for which I bought several HDs (hard drives) of exactly the same brand (WD) and model (Red) but different capacities (10 or 12TB), and from three different vendors. I wanted to add the HDs to inventory with the proper product details such as order number, S/N, P/N, model, dealer, warranty, etc. as well as cost details. I created an item with all the this information in the designated fields, then linked the NAS unit as the parent item using the Linked Assets tab of the Item Properties dialog box. Then I duplicated the item several times. The duplicates were smart enough to blank out the S/N field so I could fill it in with the actual serial numbers; but unfortunately it unchecked the Insured and Taxable fields as well -- not the desired outcome. Not a huge problem and easily corrected. As not all of the HD are installed in the NAS (some are spare drives), I didn't want all of them linked to the NAS because that doesn't reflect their true status as spares. So I went to the Linked Assets tab, and in the Parent Asset with this item as a child box, I clicked on the only asset listed there (the NAS) which enabled the previously grayed out Unlink button, which I clicked. The NAS disappeared from the Parent Asset box and I clicked OK. But the Parent Asset still showed up in the summary pane to the left of the Images pane. I figured it might not have updated so I clicked on another asset, then back to the original asset, but the Parent Asset was still present. Then I opened the Item Properties box for the HD and on the Linked Assets tab, the NAS was listed as a Parent Asset, as if I had not unlinked it. I know no way to unlink the asset short of deleting the asset and creating it from scratch, which is a lot more work and which defeats the purpose of using Duplicate. Anyone know a work-around for this problem? Anyone else having trouble using the Duplicate feature? TIA David
  2. Lately I've been adding several hard disks to my inventory for my NAS. Since they are all practically the same except for serial number, manufacturing date, purchase location and cost and details like that, I've needed to enter basically the same information many times. So I noticed the Duplicate function on the context menu when right-clicking an item in the list. I also noticed the Clone function on the toolbar. I noticed that both of these have the same icon associated with them. Then I noticed on the Actions menu a Move/Copy Item(s)s... option. I didn't find explanations for these functions in the PDF manual or the help file. As I don't want to experiment with my data, a few questions came to mind about using these options which are apparently intended to allow copying an item in some fashion: What are the differences between Duplicate, Clone and Copy Items(s)? What is the use case for each option? When would you use them to maximum advantage? What if any drawbacks/limitations are there with each option? Anyone figure this out? Please share. Thanks in advance! David
  3. I note that when you add a new item to HomeManage it assigns the same number to AssetNum and HomeManageID. However, if you Duplicate an asset, and if there are unused AssetNums (because you deleted assets), it does not. I don't think that this inconsistency was intended. I suggest that when you Duplicate an asset that HomeManage should assign the same number to the new asset's AssetNum and HomeManageID. I have not thoroughly researched and repeated this bug, but here is what I think is happening. Let's use a hypothetical example. Suppose that I have 197 assets numbered from 2-93 and 95-104, and 106-200. Assets 1, 94 and 105 were deleted, so there are no assets with those AssetNums nor HomeManageIDs. My guess of what is happening when you Duplicate an asset is that the program assigns the next number in sequence using Access for HomeManageID, but assigns the first unused AssetNum which is greater than the AssetNum of the duplicated item to the new asset. Using my example, if I duplicated item 50 the program would assign HomeManageID 201 and AssetNum 94 to the new item it created. Please keep in mind that this is just a theory based on which AssetNums I saw were assigned to the new assets I created using Duplicate. I discovered this problem days after-the-fact when I was trying to match photos to assets and discovered that the photo numbers didn't match the AssetNums for a few items in my database. I remembered that I created those assets using Duplicate and confirmed that there were no duplicate AssetNums in my database, meaning HomeManage assigned unused AssetNums to Duplicates it created. I have not actually verified that this happens every time you Duplicate an item nor have I determined the algorithm for assigning the new AssetNum. I note that AssetNum 1 wasn't assigned to any of the duplicated items, yet is unused in my database. This is why I am guessing that the AssetNum assigned to the new items is an unused number greater than the AssetNum of the item being duplicated.
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