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Found 1 result

  1. A couple of DYMO label templates from a customer. To use them you would need to purchase DYMO 30253 labels. To use the template: 1/ Download the .lbl files 2/ Select FILE > GOTO REPORTS FOLDER from the main menu. 3/ Copy the .lbl files into that folder. 4/ After this is done, you can select the template using the OUTPUT LABELS USING.. command within the program. ================================================================================= Hello! I have attached another template for the Dymo # 30253 address Label. This will print the name of the owner, address, date added, Item number, with item number bar code above it. It will also print the item description and UPC bar code below it. If there is no UPC bar code entered for that item, it will print the item number bar code in its place. The Dymo 30253 labels are available on amazon for 10.99 for 700 labels Link: http://a.co/8bbYK4Q . I also purchased the NATAMO 433Mhz Wireless Barcode Scanner for 35.99 Link: http://a.co/bCuQfYn. Believe it or not, you can scan from up to 400 feet away from the computer the dongle is attached to. I had a remote connection to the PC Home Inventory is installed on, and walked around the house scanning items. You can also scan multiple documents into the scanner, (it will save 100,000) and then simply past them into notepad and copy them into your program. . _Dymo_30253_Item#_UPCBC.LBL dymo_30253_Address.lbl
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