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Found 6 results

  1. This problem isn't a new problem. It's happened on previous versions of HomeManage as well. I run the check for updates process off the help menu and the popup show up and I click Next. The next box says "there is a new version of HomeManage 2022 available" so I click Next. It downloads a file called HM2020Up.exe (strange name -- looks like an update that is made for the previous version of HM), which runs immediately and I'm greeted by the Welcome screen. I click Next, then choose to agree with the license terms and click Next again to come to a summary screen that tells me where it will install the update. I click Next again and immediately get an error message saying "S: The setup cannot continue because the above drive does not exist." But the drive DOES exist. To verify that the HM2020Up.exe process ran in a context where the S: drive exists, I ran it from a command prompt where I had verified that the S: drive was accessible. The update process failed in exactly the same fashion. I hope we can get this issue fixed permanently, meanwhile, how can I update from to the most recent version? David
  2. I cannot get the update to run on my desktop because of the error message in the subject. The drive S: that the error message says "does not exist" does indeed exist because I can do a directory listing of it at the console, and I can explore its contents in Explorer. How can I proceed with the update? The update process seems to be getting more problematic. The first issue I had was that the update process won't run from within the application without catastrophic failure. Now even when I run the update directly from the link provided by the admin at LibertyStreet, the update fails with the above message! It's getting very tedious and frustrating keeping this software updated! Something is broken with the update process. I need help determining what is broken. David
  3. Recently I ran the update check to see if there were updates available for HM2020 version and got the Update Error message: Error: Update information for HomeManage 2020 could not be downloaded. Please contact Liberty Street Software for help. See the graphic. What does this mean and how can I resolve it? Thanks, David
  4. To: Liberty Street Support If I try to view my collection by choosing from the Menu bar "View > Albums / Stock Books" I get the following errors and I don't see anything but a blank screen. I click OK on the first error and then the second one pops up. When I click OK on the second error, I see just the empty screen. Screenshots attached.
  5. I downloaded the July 2017 update and tried to install the update. I receive the following error: C:\Program Files (x86)\Stampmanage\stampmanage.exe A decompression error has occurred (#2026) Unknown decompression error I have Windows 10 (build 15063.483) with 8GB RAM. Thanks, Don
  6. Video on steps to take if you encounter the "Unrecognized Database Format" error.
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