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Found 8 results

  1. I cannot get the update to run on my desktop because of the error message in the subject. The drive S: that the error message says "does not exist" does indeed exist because I can do a directory listing of it at the console, and I can explore its contents in Explorer. How can I proceed with the update? The update process seems to be getting more problematic. The first issue I had was that the update process won't run from within the application without catastrophic failure. Now even when I run the update directly from the link provided by the admin at LibertyStreet, the update fails with the above message! It's getting very tedious and frustrating keeping this software updated! Something is broken with the update process. I need help determining what is broken. David
  2. Is there a way to use HM with a second "test" database? The "test" database would be a copy of my original database & images & attachments and I'd use it to try some things in test so that if it doesn't work out well, I don't ruin my primary database. For example, learning how to use the Clone functionality properly, or when manipulating images, or when working around bugs I find that haven't been fixed yet. Thanks David NOTE: I've asked about some of the items I would test in this forum, but have received no guidance on those issues. So its left to me to figure it out. A test db would help me determine answers without risk of corrupting my primary database whenever its necessary to do that.
  3. Lately I've been adding several hard disks to my inventory for my NAS. Since they are all practically the same except for serial number, manufacturing date, purchase location and cost and details like that, I've needed to enter basically the same information many times. So I noticed the Duplicate function on the context menu when right-clicking an item in the list. I also noticed the Clone function on the toolbar. I noticed that both of these have the same icon associated with them. Then I noticed on the Actions menu a Move/Copy Item(s)s... option. I didn't find explanations for these functions in the PDF manual or the help file. As I don't want to experiment with my data, a few questions came to mind about using these options which are apparently intended to allow copying an item in some fashion: What are the differences between Duplicate, Clone and Copy Items(s)? What is the use case for each option? When would you use them to maximum advantage? What if any drawbacks/limitations are there with each option? Anyone figure this out? Please share. Thanks in advance! David
  4. I added a couple entries in the item notebook for a monitor that was already in the database. There were already 5 notes in the notebook, thus making a total of 7 notes in the notebook for the monitor: one note on each day of Jan 16, 17, and 18 in 2018, 2 notes on October 24 and 2 notes on October 27 in 2020. I had no problems entering the notes into the notebook. But when I click OK on the notebook entry dialog and view the results on the main panel, only the last note shows. I thought maybe the older notes got deleted somehow, so I went back into the Notes dialog and all three notes are still there, just as I typed them. I've entered notes for other items (for example, for my car each time it is serviced), and not all notes show up on the main panel, but it has never been this extreme. Just now I checked and there are 37 notes for my car, but only 10 notes show up on the main panel. For the monitor I mentioned above, there are 7 notes in the database, but only 1 shows up on the main panel. I have mentioned this problem once before in this forum. Thanks for your attention David
  5. In either the 2020 or 2019 version, the ability to add labels to images was added, which I very much appreciate! Thank you! I've been using that capability much to help identify what the image is and explain how/why it's important to the item it documents. I've found an issue with it that I don't have a solution for. The text description for the image is always black. If the image is also black in the spot where the text label will show up, the label is obscured because they are both the same (or close) color. Can this be remedied? One solution I thought of (don't know how possible it is) is to place a white outline around the black text so that no matter what color is underneath the label, it will show up. TIA David
  6. The setting in the subject can be found under the View menu, Customize item. In the dialog box, select the Toolbar tab and near the bottom on the right is a check box labeled Show text labels that enhances the toolbar buttons by placing short text labels beneath the icon. Very helpful for remembering what some of them do. However, this labeling goes away after I close the application. The next time I run it, the labels are not there and the setting has reverted to unchecked. Can this be fixed? TIA David
  7. Looking for way to edit a group of duplicate items that I added to inventory without having to sort through the list of items in the room. I thought a query would be a good way to do this, and it probably still is. Except I created the query with the wrong category, and now I cannot edit the query to correct my mistake. I know I can just create a new query, but was wondering if there was a way to edit queries. I can imagine creating a complex query, making a mistake like the one I made (misspelling), and having no way to edit it, having to recreate it all over again. Is there a way to edit queries? David
  8. When an asset only has one picture, the summary Image Pane in HomeManage 2019 and 2020 displays a downscaled image of the full-sized image. This results in the best available image quality. When an asset has two or more pictures however, the summary Image Pane displays an ENLARGED image of the 150x112 pixel THUMBNAIL, not a downscale of the full-sized image. This results in a blurry, detail-poor displayed image, since the little thumbnail image is then painfully enlarged back to the user computer's screen resolution. This seems to be the behavior for HomeManage versions 2019 and 2020, which I have installed/tested. Best workaround for displaying in the image pane in version 2019 is to delete the thumbnails for this asset (or all of the assets). The Image Pane then downscales the full-sized image for display in it without any issues. This is what I've been doing. HOWEVER, in version 2020, deleting the thumbnail files results with the small thumbnails in the "Image" column no longer being displayed. so this is no longer as good a workaround until a more permanent resolution is provided by our esteemed HomeManage developer team. My questions and request: 1. Is there a way to address this issue within the capabilities of the program (e.g. am I missing something in my use of HomeManage so that my workaround is not necessary after all? 2. If the enlargement of the thumbnails was a developer decision due to customers not having graphics hardware to easily downscale large images, could the program incorporate a choice on how the display of images could be handled? Please keep in mind that your program's Item Pictures tab already nicely downscales the full-sized images for all users already, so leveraging that code for the Image Pane would be the best choice for a highly viewable overview.
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