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Found 5 results

  1. I have a report setup to show what my disposed asset sold for and to whom, but the "Sold To" field shows up blank and there is no Customer Name option Disposed Asset.pdf
  2. Recently I made a change in the location where all the attachments are stored to simplify backup of all attachments. This meant that I would need to edit every asset which has an attachment to update the drive letter to point to the new location. This process is highly manual, but was working well until about the 40th or so item when I received an error message upon attempting to open the next asset properties box. The text of the error is "System resource exceeded. (3035) and the OK button is the only option. Clicking the OK button results in another box popping up with the exact same message, then another box, then another and so on with no apparent way around the issue but to kill the program. The dialog box is modal and will not allow any other access to the program until it has been closed. UPDATE: I found that after 15 - 20 error dialog boxes, the properties dialog finally appeared and I could close it, then close the program without killing it! After restarting the app, it worked as expected. Note that the system HomeManage 2020 is running on has 64 GB RAM and 2TB drive storage space on 2 drives, both of which are less than 10% full. I don't know what system resource HM2020 is running out of, and so I don't know how to prevent this issue. A quick look at Task Manager revealed that the AssetMng.exe process (HomeManage) was consuming 1.4 GB as Working Set and 1.3 GB as Active Private Working Set. As it is a 32-bit program, it should be able to access at least 2GB of memory with no problem. So I need help understanding what the problem is and how to correct it.
  3. Is there a way to use HM with a second "test" database? The "test" database would be a copy of my original database & images & attachments and I'd use it to try some things in test so that if it doesn't work out well, I don't ruin my primary database. For example, learning how to use the Clone functionality properly, or when manipulating images, or when working around bugs I find that haven't been fixed yet. Thanks David NOTE: I've asked about some of the items I would test in this forum, but have received no guidance on those issues. So its left to me to figure it out. A test db would help me determine answers without risk of corrupting my primary database whenever its necessary to do that.
  4. I accidentally uninstalled Home Manage. I downloaded the "Trial Version" and installed it. When I try to open HM I get a message "MS Jet Engine Cannot Open File "my data file. It is already opened exclusively by another user or you need permission to view its data (3051)". See attached pic. Don't know what to do. Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to import data my "MyICEPlan" home inventory. I have ~500 items to import but HM only brings in 296 of them. I have checked the csv file importing to HM and all records are there. I don't see any error report that states why some recs are skipped. Are there any general rules I need to be concerned about? I am using the trial version and will likely buy HM if I can get the data imported correctly. Note The csv file has enclosed each field in double quotes. My description field can include commas. See attached sample file. Records 2 (Item Id = 2) and 8 (Item Id = 9) were accepted, the others not. Any thoughts? Thanks!! Sample_EXPORTED_ICE_ITEMS.CSV
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