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Found 8 results

  1. In either the 2020 or 2019 version, the ability to add labels to images was added, which I very much appreciate! Thank you! I've been using that capability much to help identify what the image is and explain how/why it's important to the item it documents. I've found an issue with it that I don't have a solution for. The text description for the image is always black. If the image is also black in the spot where the text label will show up, the label is obscured because they are both the same (or close) color. Can this be remedied? One solution I thought of (don't know how possible it is) is to place a white outline around the black text so that no matter what color is underneath the label, it will show up. TIA David
  2. When I clicked the properties of the House location, a dialog with tabs General, Attachments, Item Picture(s) and Notebook appeared. My goal was to add some lawn maintenance that I had done recently to the Notebook. That task worked well, but I decided to add images of the house -- didn't realize that I could. Adding the images to House worked as expected. I then went to add images of the shed behind the house to a location I created called Shed. I added 3 images in the order they appear in the app, 1, 2, 3. The first two images worked as expected and the images appeared in the dialog as expected -- no surprises. However, the third image appeared rotated 90 degree CC, even though I took the image on an iPhone in portrait mode (all the images of the shed were taken in portrait mode). I then clicked the Edit button thinking the app may allow me to rotate the image, but nothing happened. So while viewing the 1 rotated image, I pressed the Clear button to clear it so I could try re-adding the image. Re-adding the image worked (I used drag and drop to add all images) but the image appeared with the same rotation problem. I cleared the image. When the image addition failed, by habit I clicked on image 2 and image 1 just to check them. They both appeared to be missing (blank all white panel) -- a surprise since I only intended to clear the one image. So the issues so far are: 1) the app rotated an image improperly 2) the app appears to have cleared all images for the location when I only intended to clear the one mis-rotated image 3) the Edit button did nothing I then went back to the House location properties to check the images there. They all appeared to be correct with no rotation problems, even though of the four images of the house I took, 2 were in portrait mode and 2 were in landscape mode. I selected one of the images, then clicked the Edit button just as a test to see if it would fail again. The Edit button opened MS Paint! Without editing anything, I closed Paint and went back to the Shed to attempt adding all the images again. There were still no images showing on the shed, so I used drag-n-drop to put the same images in the same placeholders. Although there were no errors triggered, and the drag-n-drop operation appeared to work as normal, no images showed up in the locations. The Edit button was grayed out. I went back to the House location to view the images there, and the last image (image 4) was missing, and the other three appeared all black -- completely black with no shades of any color. I clicked on Edit and the actual image appeared in Paint. Without editing the image I closed Paint and the House properties dialog box. As I'm trying to figure out what's happening here, I went back to the Shed and House locations a few times just to check what was visible. Ultimately, all the house images seem to have disappeared even though I never edited any of them, and I never clicked the Clear button (no need to -- all 4 images were perfect). Since I know where the application stores the images, I went to that location in Explorer. All 4 images of the house were present with names like Location184(1).jpg, Location184(2).jpg, etc. None of the pictures of the Shed location were present. Note that all the image manipulation buttons are active in the House properties dialog box, which makes sense since the images all exist; you just can't see them in the pplication image boxes. However, all of the same buttons are grayed out for the Shed location, which also makes sense since the images no longer exist. What doesn't make sense is not being able to re-add the images to the Shed location. 4) So even though the shed images were not present, the application would not let me add images of the shed 5) Even though the images of the house are still present, the application doesn't show them in the properties dialog box for the House location There appears to be plenty wrong with the way the application manages images. I can't figure it out. All images added in this exercise were in JPG format from an 8MP iPhone camera. - David
  3. Occasionally when adding assets to the database, I use a low quality image with the asset just to complete the process of adding the asset to the database. Later I may find a higher quality image that i would like to replace the lower quality image. Sometimes the application will not let me delete this image, if it is the first image for the asset. I haven't seen an issue deleting second, third, fourth, etc. images, just the first one. And the issue is sporadic, so it doesn't always happen. My work around is usually one of two methods: manually delete the image file from the image folder, then add the high-quality image to the asset through the app interface manually delete the image file and rename the high-quality image file using the old image's filename (the app is closed while doing this)
  4. I am using Stamp Manage USA 2017 with the latest update installed. When I move from one collection to another, the stamp image will not change or will disappear altogether. It has also happened when switching between stamps within a collection. The only way to restore the image is to exit the program and start it again. When this occurs, the thumbnail images remain correct. Images appearing within reports are also correct. Needless to say, this is very frustrating. I am running Windows 10 and I always run the program as an administrator. If anyone else has encountered this problem and managed to fix it, I would appreciate the feedback.
  5. I have some how lost the images that precede the listing on the stamp lists. How do I get them back?
  6. Hi, I am new to HomeManage. Just installed the trial version. Looks pretty comprehensive. Just tried to attach a picture of an item, and the thumbnail appears upside down? The image looks alright in other image viewers. Any ideas?
  7. Has anyone had problems with attaching images to catalog numbers in Stamp Manage Catalog? Quite often when I attach an image to say catalog number 123 it also appears incorrectly for several other catalog numbers, 101, 139, and 150 for example. Any ideas on why this happens and how to fix the problem? Attached is an image to better explain, the Finland catalog number 1337b (Sauna stamp) I attached an image to and it also appears for 1338a (Moomin stamp) where it shouldn't. It also appears for 2 other catalog numbers 1335d and 1339.
  8. I've encountered an issue when adding images with Stamp Data Manager. The issue involves that when I attach an image to a catalogue entry for instance catalogue number 1600 it at the same time attaches it to number 1611.How can this be resolved? It has become very annoying since the only method I have found to correct the problem is to delete the entry with the incorrect image and then enter it again in SDM. Thanks,
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