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Found 4 results

  1. In either the 2020 or 2019 version, the ability to add labels to images was added, which I very much appreciate! Thank you! I've been using that capability much to help identify what the image is and explain how/why it's important to the item it documents. I've found an issue with it that I don't have a solution for. The text description for the image is always black. If the image is also black in the spot where the text label will show up, the label is obscured because they are both the same (or close) color. Can this be remedied? One solution I thought of (don't know how possible it is) is to place a white outline around the black text so that no matter what color is underneath the label, it will show up. TIA David
  2. The setting in the subject can be found under the View menu, Customize item. In the dialog box, select the Toolbar tab and near the bottom on the right is a check box labeled Show text labels that enhances the toolbar buttons by placing short text labels beneath the icon. Very helpful for remembering what some of them do. However, this labeling goes away after I close the application. The next time I run it, the labels are not there and the setting has reverted to unchecked. Can this be fixed? TIA David
  3. We have installed SQL server 2016 on the same machine (Windows 2012 Server R2). are the images for the assets being stored in the database, if not how can this be done? the images are stored in a separate IMAGES folder, you could set a network shared folder as the IMAGES folder so all users would have access. We have a Dymo Printer 450 (http://www.dymo.com/en-AU/labelwriter%3Csup%3E%C2%AE%3C-sup%3E-450-labelwriter-450) for our labels that we stick to equipment. How can we export / print to that printer you would need to edit the labels template to change the output to match the label coordinates. We have a video on this at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae4qQAAclgE How can we link other users to this database. I saw a video of it being done but can not seem to find it The AssetManage Standard has a built in USERS permission permission feature. The AssetManage Enterprise would require setting permissions at the SQL administrator level. Is it possible to install the client on MacOSX / IPADS Not currently, but we will have an AssetManage for the Mac / iPad in late 2018. Is it possible to customermize the barcode. Yes, the report designer supports all major barcode formats. Is there a was using Excel that we can batch import our Assets? Yes, there is an import feature that lets you import. Is best to first save the EXCEL spreadsheet in CSV format.
  4. A couple of DYMO label templates from a customer. To use them you would need to purchase DYMO 30253 labels. To use the template: 1/ Download the .lbl files 2/ Select FILE > GOTO REPORTS FOLDER from the main menu. 3/ Copy the .lbl files into that folder. 4/ After this is done, you can select the template using the OUTPUT LABELS USING.. command within the program. ================================================================================= Hello! I have attached another template for the Dymo # 30253 address Label. This will print the name of the owner, address, date added, Item number, with item number bar code above it. It will also print the item description and UPC bar code below it. If there is no UPC bar code entered for that item, it will print the item number bar code in its place. The Dymo 30253 labels are available on amazon for 10.99 for 700 labels Link: http://a.co/8bbYK4Q . I also purchased the NATAMO 433Mhz Wireless Barcode Scanner for 35.99 Link: http://a.co/bCuQfYn. Believe it or not, you can scan from up to 400 feet away from the computer the dongle is attached to. I had a remote connection to the PC Home Inventory is installed on, and walked around the house scanning items. You can also scan multiple documents into the scanner, (it will save 100,000) and then simply past them into notepad and copy them into your program. . _Dymo_30253_Item#_UPCBC.LBL dymo_30253_Address.lbl
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