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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to create a report of all the smart lights I have added to the data base so that I can insure that I got all the serial numbers, and other details correctly recorded. I've created a new category called "Smart Light" and applied it to each light added. But I cannot figure out how to do a simple filter of the data in the report designer, where Category = "Smart Light". Second problem. I reviewed the video on YouTube about creating reports. I followed the steps in the video to select the fields that I wanted in the report, but found that the field selector (Available Fields, I think), excludes many fields, including several that I want to include in the report. Is there another way to create the report I want with all the fields I need? The filter I want to use and the fields I want to include are listed below: Filters: Category = "Smart Light" Fields for Smart Light report Asset # Image 1 Brand Name Model Number Status Invoice/PO # Date Bought Serial Number MAC Address (wireless) Location/Room Field 1 Name = "HomeKit Code" (this is a user-defined field: User Field 20) Field 1 Value (this is a user-defined field: User Field 21) Field 2 Name = "Host Name" (this is a user-defined field: User Field 22) Field 2 Value (this is a user-defined field: User Field 23) Field 3 Name (this is a user-defined field: User Field 24) Field 3 Value (this is a user-defined field: User Field 25) The bold labels are the names I gave to user-defined fields listed to the far right of the field name above within parentheses. TIA David
  2. Hi, I am using 'Other' for Facit numbers and in my reports I am wanting to sort by Stamp.CatalogNumber. When I order by Stamp.CatalogNumber, all the numbers with a 1 as the leading digit come before 2. The first stamp listed is Facit 1, then Facit 10, then Facit 1002, and after all 1-leading stamps are listed, Facit 2 is next. When ordering by Stamp.ScottNumber, ordering is numerical. I do notice that if I add leading zeros, the Facit numbers are in order. Is there a way to get Stamp.CatalogNumber to order like Stamp.ScottNumber orders?
  3. I'm trying to create an Assset report where the second line contains Asset.image2. I want to only print the second line if the Asset.image2 has a value (ie. has a picture added to the asset). Obviously making the line appear (or not) should be a simple matter of applying a formula to decide if the picture exists or not, however most functions complain about a picture type because they expecting a string and not a picture. Currently I am thinking about adding a user field called something like "picture 2 added" and printing line 2 if that is true .... but it is a bit of a pain to fill in this new field for around 50% of my assets. Anyone know a better way, or how to do this properly using the picture fields ?
  4. It would be extremely useful to have the program add up the face values of all stamps in a collection. This is the "original" value of the stamps and can be used for comparisons to current values. I have too many stamps to do this manually. Of course, each country would have to be done separately to avoid the currency exchange rate changes but that can be done outside the program or with a input screen as part of the country metadata.
  5. I am a new user to CoinManage 2017 and am not an experienced coin collector (yet). I purchased CoinManage because I am a very satisfied customer of HomeManage home inventory software and because I have a specific coin inventory use case. My father-in-law recently passed away and we found a box filled with dozens of film roll containers, plastic bottles, and ziploc baggies filled with thousands of coins. My mother-in-law has asked me what we should do with "all this money." My first goal is to get all the coins entered into CM2017 so I have an accurate list of the entire coin collection and a simple "face value" total of the coins (denomination times quantity, i.e. 2000 quarters times 25 cents, 650 dimes times 10 cents, 300 nickels times 5 cents, etc.). Then I'll start determining what the collector value is based on grade and demand. That's when I'll research how to be a bona fide coin collector and study the terminology and best practices. I may have missed it, but is there a standard report (or a way I can generate one) that shows simple "face value" of the coin inventory? Thanks, Sailor Guy
  6. I am trying to create a custom report that prints all (or most) of the information of an asset inventory item on a single page. I have attached a mock-up of what I want the report to look like. Ideally, I’d like to simply customize the “Item Detail (1 Item per Page)” canned report supplied with HomeManage because it provides a good starting point for the report layout, etc. But I couldn’t find the associated report “.LST” report definition file in the Reports folder, so I guess I have to start from scratch. I have several design characteristics: I’d like each inventory item to start on a new page. I have the item information organized into separate sections (Item, Location, Category, Acquisition, Warranty, Comments, Asset, etc.) I want to use conditional formatting to suppress sections that have no data. For example: If there is an item record that has no “warranty type” and “warranty expire” fields, then the whole “Warranty Information” section including the section heading should be suppressed. Or if there are no comments/notes on the record, then suppress the entire “Comments Information” section including the section heading. … You get the idea…. I’ve been working with the Combit List & Label 21 Designer Manual and the HomeManage documentation, and my biggest challenge is what type of report container or field element to add to allow me: Access to the full list of fields and data in the HomeManage Assets database To place field labels and data in non-table form on the page so I can format one asset item per page with a page break on each new item. I’ve tried inserting a “Report Container” but none of the element types allow me to place fields and data in “free form” on the page. I believe I’m missing something simple to get me started here. Can anyone offer suggestions? Or can you share a custom report format that does “full page” display (non-table) of asset item information? Or point me to the ".LST" report definition file for the “Item Detail (1 Item per Page)” report? FYI… Once I get this report built, I will share it on this forum for other people to use or modify. Thanks, Sailor Guy HomeManage-Report-Example-Full-Details.pdf
  7. Under the "Tools" dropdown list there is a "Needed to Complete..." option. How does this work? I have tried several times and I keep getting an error.
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