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Found 14 results

  1. How to add a CoinManage ID column to a report:
  2. I am running the latest build of Stampmanage Deluxe 2019 and i am getting an error when trying to view stamp purchases Unsure how to troubleshoot this, please advise
  3. Just wondering, is there a way to control what reports appear in the list? For Example: As a single user for personal use, I don't necessarily need/want to see Stamps Owned by Customer in the list Additionally, while the new Cancel Report is a great addition, is i possible to hide this report? I tried deleting the 'Stamps Owned by Customer' report and reloading StampManage but it still appears so it would seem it's hard coded. I restored the file, just so i won't get any error message in the future
  4. After looking into the Reporting engine, which I was happy to see is quite powerful; I decided to revamp/tweak the Purchase Report to meet my needs since i can't leverage the View By Purchase Feature ( ) My goal with the report was to check on purchase over the past month to make sure I did ok with purchases and to help with determining whether or not to use certain vendors Question, I have,.... Is it possible to add option to select Country (guessing pick list would be dynamically created based on where country count (owned stamp count) >0) in the dialog window Perhaps adding beneath Date as an additional field? (unnecessary for Non-Deluxe versions) Oh, minor additional feedback.... when I alter/specify date range can the radio button automatically jump to the 'Show Items using the following dates:' option just lazy, have missed that a few times when trying to create a report. I have attached the report files (unsure if both the LST and the LSV are required) and a sample PDF, would be great to get some feedback and to see if anyone things anything additional should be added. NOTE: If testing the attached please be sure and back up the originals before replacing / altering. I messed up many times before I got it working. StampPurchases.lst StampPurchases.lsv Purchases_Nov2018_Sample.pdf
  5. Hello Admin Is it possible to update the reporting data source so that the relationship between Attachments and Asset tables are shown? Similar to the way Asset and NotebookItem are displayed. I would like to create a report that displays the path for the Attachments associated with my Assets. I've attached a picture of Select Data Source options in the "Create A Report" tool I was using as reference Thank you for your help, Great product Robert B
  6. === PROBLEM I had Coin Manage installed on old computer. Bought new one and installed on new and got the database to the new computer. All functions seem to be working fine except for the reports. NONE of the reports display correctly. They do not show any of the coin information and the headings do not display correctly either. Was going to uninstall and reinstall but thought there might be a better solution. Thank you... === RESPONSE Hi, If you select FILE > GO TO REPORTS From the main menu, does it open a valid folder with many .lst & .lsv files? This error is almost always because the REPORTS folder is not a valid folder. Try reinstalling and pay special attention to The install screen regarding where the REPORTS should be stored.
  7. Check out our: Stampchecklists Video to learn how to create checklists with your owned stamps already marked.
  8. Watch our "Zebra Patterns", Fonts & Filters video to see how to change fonts, set report filters and show every other report data line in a different background color.
  9. New video shows how to accomplish the "Zebra Pattern" often found in reports. Also, we show how to change fonts in a report.
  10. Had a customer who could not get Print Preview to work for reports. Even after an hour of remote control still could not figure out why this was happening. the customer solved the problem in the Preferences window for his Canon printer by choosing: Cannon printer preferences, quick set, preview before printing. this may apply to other printers so try it if you can't get Print Preview to show up
  11. === QUESTION I have several seperate collections (Mint/Unused, Used, U.S., foriegn, etc.). Some of my most annoying problems include not being able to get reports on seperate collections. The reports always include all stamp from all collections. Not being able to modify the sequnce of the reports. As a matter of fact I'm not sure in what sequnce the reports are produced. Do you have a quick answer for me or is there documentation or a publication that comprehensively explains the process? === ANSWER To run a report that only incudes stamps from a particular collection, simply right mouse click on the colleciton and select one of the output report options. This concept applies everywhere, so if you right mouse click on UNITED STATES within a collection, only USA stamps from the collection will show in the report.
  12. Recent question from a customer regarding cost columns: === QUESTION In the program data there is a column called cost. I am trying to print a report and add it to that column but there is no option for that. === ANSWER The reporting has the following fields: Asset.BaseCost Asset.Tax1 Asset.Tax2 Asset.TotalCost These fields correspond to the cost fields you will see in the Add Stamp dialog.
  13. I have HomeManage 2011 - when I try to report using the image option and category I get a message to say that the AssetsbyCaegoryImage.lst is missing. I have tried downloading the latest version and also deleting and reinstalling - same result. I have checked the files and sure enough it is not there.
  14. Sometimes, you may want to run a report that only includes a certain type. For example, a report that shows only the Buffalo Nickels in your collection. To do this, first right mouse click on the type and then select RUN REPORT USING.. from the popup menu. Select the type of report to run from the submenu as show below: Next, choose whether you want to print, preview or export the report to a certain format. In this case we choose to output the report to PDF format, where it will be saved in a PDF file. Choose a name for the output file, Click the Open the file... checkbox to have the PDF file open after the report is produced.
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