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Found 4 results

  1. Following the directions on the install process, I upgraded HM2019 to HM2020 by supplying the same directory information for the 2020 upgrade as I was using for the 2019 version. The application installed into the old program directory with no issues. However the installation process deleted my Assets.mdb data file and all images in my AssetImages folder and replaced both with the stock demo Assets.mdb data file and the accompanying 2 images. This is an outrageous upgrade process! This would have been DISASTROUS has I not had backups of the data file and the images available through Windows 10 recovery. When I pointed the installation to the old program directory, it read the Assets.mdb file to find the location of the Data, AssetImages, and Reports directories, automatically filled them into the appropriate installation fields, then happily deleted everything in those folders with no warning or notification. It's just inconceivable that the installation process would go through the trouble of reading the old Assets.mdb file to determine the old file locations, to then delete all of them!! I also find that no images appear in the main window next to the AssetNum. field like they use to. Dunno what happened to them -- even with the black bars that use to plague those images, they were still helpful in identifying assets quickly by image. Is this a bug? It appears so. In version 2019, the exact same data setup had no issue with the images displaying in the main window. Hoping I don't regret this upgrade, but I'm already headed in that direction. David
  2. How can I tell what was changed between any version of HomeManage, such as between and I want to know before I upgrade to a newer version. That way I can look out for issues in those areas, or start using a new feature, or stop using a work-around because a problem has been fixed. I would hate to upgrade and not know what was changed and suddenly my inventory is corrupt and I've lost days of work.
  3. I am trying to upgrade StampManage from 2007 to the current version. I am so confused about what to do. My computer self-installed Windows 10 recently, so I am also trying to figure it out!!! I purchased SM 2007 several years ago. I purchased a new computer, backed up SM and tried to re-install it on my new computer. But I couldn't figure out how to import my backup. Finally I sent you an email requesting assistance. I received a response to download from an URL that was included. Did that and it still wouldn't run. Got an error stating my password was invalid. Then I have been very ill and depressed for a while. Now I want to inventory my large collection, but I don't know if I should just buy the latest version or figure out what is wrong with mine. I also want to include the other countries because I have a butterfly collection and a new worldwide album to fill up. I also collect US and territories, Spain and colonies, Turkey and colonies, Somalia and colonies, and Black History. I hope this is enough info for you to help me solve this dilemma in which I find myself. When I first got this software, I LOVED IT!!! I still do, but I need it to run!!! Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!! Oh, I forgot -- I still have the downloads for 2013 and 2015, but I figured I am missing some. Thanks again!!!
  4. I have been maintaining a home inventory for over 15 years, with the last 5 years using HomeManage. There is one area that would greatly enhance the product in my mind; Replacement Cost. It is currently a data input item. The problem I have is my file contains about 1/2 thousand line items and trying to maintain Replacement Cost over time on this many line items is impossible to perform manually. My recommendation is to add a feature that would allow the Replacement Cost to be calculated periodically at the discretion of the User. The ingredients for doing so exist in the data, with the exception of an inflation factor. The Purchase Date and the Original Cost exist in the file. Providing a feature that would allow the User to input an inflation factor (e.g 3%) and a procedure to apply that inflation factor to the Original Cost from the Purchase Date to the current date, with the result being stored in Replacement Cost would eliminate the problem of being unable to maintain Replacement Cost. I have accomplished such a result by exporting to EXCEL and writing the code to apply the inflation factor in order to justify insurance coverage; but, it is a rather arduous task
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